Flight Mh 370

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US company offers to take financial risk of new MH370 search

Malaysia, Australia and China suspended a nearly three-year search in the southern Indian Ocean in January after scouring 120,000 square kilometers (46,000 square miles) of remote seabed and failing to find any trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

New objects spotted in hunt for crashed Malaysian jet

The search for the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 dramatically shifted 1,100 km further northeast in the southern Indian Ocean on Friday.

Missing Malaysian jetliner: Passengers’ families worried about funeral preparations

The Prime Minister’s Department reported last rites for Muslims would not be carried out until the search mission had reached a conclusion.

Up in the Air

Is it an appropriate time to dance on a flight?

Possible debris of missing Malaysia Airlines spotted, Australia sends aircraft to investigate

Abbott speaks to Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak, cautions that the objects are yet to be identified.

Missing jet diverted deliberately, says Malaysian PM

PM Najib told a news conference that the hunt for wreckage around the scheduled flight path to the east of Malaysia was being called off.

Malaysian police suspect foul play, raid house of plane’s pilot

Plane flew for 7 hours after going off radar; data suggests flew towards Kazakhstan or Indian Ocean.

Seafloor event detected at last definite site of missing Malaysian jet

The seafloor event could have been caused by the plane possibly plunging into the sea, the research group said.

Vietnam scales down search for missing Malaysian jet

Vietnam had asked Malaysian authorities for information related to the plane direction after its last contact.

Vietnam plane spots possible wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines

The jetliner apparently fell from the sky at cruising altitude in fine weather, and the pilots were either unable or had no time to send a distress signal.

Hunt on for Malaysia Airlines: Stolen passports, missing debris fuel fears of foul play

Dozens of military and civilian vessels have been criss-crossing waters beneath the aircraft’s flight path, but have found no confirmed trace of the lost plane.

Malaysia signals missing plane carrying 239 including 5 Indians has crashed

Search operations; no confirmed signs of the plane or any wreckage on Sunday, well over 24 hours after it went missing.

Mumbai family on ill-fated flight was headed to China for son’s convocation

Three members of a Mumbai-based family are among 239 people feared dead in the presumed Malaysian Airlines flight crash.