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New method may preserve fertility during cancer treatment

More research will help develop of specialised therapies to prevent ovarian failure in cancer patients.

Beware! Using paracetamol during pregnancy may harm fertility

Try and avoid painkillers as much as you can.

Pot smoking may affect fertility in young men

Young men who use cannabis may be putting their fertility at risk by affecting the size and shape of their sperm, says a study.

Stress degrades sperm quality

Psychological stress is harmful to sperm and semen quality, affecting its concentration, and ability to fertilise an egg, says a study.

How sperm cells travel long distances to fertilise an egg

Sperm cells are extremely efficient at swimming against a current and travel long distances to reach an egg to fertilise it, according to a new study.

And then there were none

‘Infertility treatment’ in a remote village of Satna district left Anju Kushwaha with 10 dead foetuses and no hope

Test-tube babies: A simpler,cheaper technique?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has evolved into a highly sophisticated lab procedure.

New-Age Miniature

Meenakshi Sengupta’s first solo show explores new mediums and themes

Bed rest after IVF doesn’t help

Women who lied down after embryos were transferred to their uterus were actually less likely to have a baby.

Women’s blood type may influence chances of motherhood

A new study says that women with O blood group may find it harder to get pregnant as they have fewer eggs.

Personality can predict fertility

A new research from the University of Sheffield has suggested that the reproductive success of both men and women is influenced by their personality traits.

Smoking during pregnancy ‘may harm son’s fertility’

Here’s another reason why to-be-moms should kick the butt — smoking during pregnancy may harm your unborn son’s fertility later in his life,say scientists.

Soon,genetic test to tell when a woman’s biological clock will stop

A genetic test that can tell a woman how long she has left to start a family might be on offer by the next year,say scientists.

Oral contraceptive pills don’t affect fertility in women

Taking oral contraceptive does not affect a woman’s ability to conceive after she stops it,reveals a study.

Baby Bliss

It’s a fertile ground of hope for many wannabe parents. Armed with latest technology,world-class treatment options and doctors who are pioneers in the field…