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Ditching WhatsApp encryption will help terrorists: Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg

Responding to a call that Facebook should do away with the encryption that prevents police from accessing WhatsApp data, the company’s top executive has said such a move would make it difficult to track terrorists if government gets such access.

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Instagram posts will soon help sniff out tax fraud in India

A photo of your shiny new car on Instagram or the Facebook post about your chic holiday cottage may lead India’s taxman to your door. Starting next month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will begin amassing a warehouse of virtual information.

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Facebook shares hit record high as mobile ad sales soar in Q2 results

Facebook Inc’s mobile advertising business grew by more than 50 percent in the second quarter, the company said in its earnings report on Wednesday, as the social network continued to establish itself as the venue of choice for an ever-growing array of online advertisers.

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Facebook signals more urgency about building its chat businesses

Facebook Inc’s investors are salivating over the revenue potential for the company’s chat businesses, Messenger and WhatsApp, after Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said he’d like to move “a little faster” to make money from them.

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Facebook’s first TV episodes are said to be ready for mid-August

Facebook’s version of television is coming online in mid-August after several false starts, according to people familiar with the matter. The company has been asking its partners to turn in the first episodes of their spotlight shows, the people said.

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Elon Musk says Mark Zuckerberg’s AI understanding is limited: Here’s what started this

Looks like tech billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have bad blood going on, around one controversial topic. The reason: Artificial intelligence and what dangers it could pose to humanity, and the two billionaires don’t agree on this topic.

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Facebook working on a modular smartphone, reveals patent

Facebook may be working on a smartphone that could be modular in nature. A patent, filed last year and awarded earlier this week, reveals a mysterious “modular electromechanical device” with interchangeable parts. It’s unknown if Facebook is really willing to make a modular smartphone in the future.

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This Facebook flaw may let strangers break into your account

A security researcher claims to have spotted a flaw in Facebook’s account recovery feature that can let anyone easily break into your account – that too, without you ever noticing, media reported. There’s no need of password and scammers can also lock you out of your own account.

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Facebook testing new tool to boost subscriptions for publishers

Facebook Inc. plans to test a tool to drive more subscriptions from directly within its app, a potential boost to publishers like the New York Times and Washington Post. “Our partners consistently identified support for subscription business models as a top priority,” Facebook said Thursday.

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Facebook to launch paid news subscription product

A week after nearly 2,000 publishers in the US formed the News Media Alliance to get an anti-trust exemption from the Congress to negotiate over advertising revenue with digital platforms, a top Facebook executive has confirmed the company would soon launch a news subscription product.

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Facebook’s WhatsApp blocked in China amid censorship push

Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp messaging service has been partially blocked in China, following a censorship crackdown by the government. Multiple WhatsApp users in China reported experiencing intermittent outages from Monday night Beijing time.

Facebook declines Pakistan’s request over cell phone number link-up

Facebook termed Pakistan’s request to link all accounts to individual phone numbers as “improbable” but reacted positively to Pakistan’s request to block blasphemous content and other hate material posted by users.

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No, Facebook user base in India does not beat the US; still at number two

Facebook India has beaten the US when it comes to total user base, is what reported earlier today by US based website The Next Web. However, Facebook has come out to deny this report, and said India remains in the number two position in terms of users.

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Facebook said to plan $200 wireless Oculus VR headset for 2018

Facebook Inc. is taking another stab at turning its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset into a mass-market phenomenon. Code-named “Pacific,” the device resembles a more compact version of the Rift and will be lighter than Samsung’s Gear VR headset, one of the people said.

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Facebook Messenger Lite comes to India, will help those on poor networks

A Facebook note said Messenger Lite offers almost all the basic functions as the full Messenger from texts, photos and links to emojis and stickers. Still the Messenger Lite app is just under 10MB, making it fast to install and quick to start up.