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Face to face

In a trailer for The Social Network — the new movie about the tumultuous origins of the social networking site Facebook.

From streets to cyberia: Valley youth held for Facebook post

Thousands of Kashmiri youths have been waging a virtual war against the state over the last three months.

Facebook founder to donate $100m to Newark public schools: Report

Report says the gift would be the first installment in an education endowment started by Zuckerberg.

How to get more attention on Facebook

Aren’t you getting enough comments on your Facebook status? Try posting a photo on Fridays.

Facebook says Asia is fastest-growing mkt

Asia is the fastest-growing region for new subscribers to social networking site Facebook. This is so despite restrictions on access in China,a senior company executive said today. Speaking at the opening of Facebook’s first Asian sales office in Singapore,vice-president Blake Chandlee said its growth in the region was outpacing the rest of the world. Facebook […]

Britons get access to Facebook’s Places service

Tells users if friends are at the same place,it’s optional and locations are not stored unless they check in

Hip-hop stars turn to Twitter to speak their mind

It was early last Saturday morning,or perhaps very,very late the previous night,when the stream of emotional posts began appearing on Kanye West’s Twitter feed…

Facebook inches past Google

On the internet,search has given way to socialising!

Naked parade: Centre to look into video clip on Kashmir

‘The Indian Express’ had reported about the clip which shows naked men paraded by security personnel.

Fake Facebook account haunts Goa minister

The account of Goa’s Education minister flashes he is looking to date women.

Google seeks to speed up Web searches

Google Inc’s search engine now displays results before users finish typing.

Mystery Valley video: ‘4 naked men herded by security personnel’

A three-minute video anonymously posted on YouTube and Facebook that purportedly shows uniformed security personnel in the Valley herding four young men stripped naked is being widely circulated in Srinagar.

Fast forward,Facebook

Facebook has undoubtedly got an amazing growth story,one that has even captured a filmmaker’s fancy. If there is anyone who could give Google competition other than Apple,it could very well be Facebook.

Facebook’s new security feature: remote logouts

Facebook is making this available over the next couple of weeks. It will be accessible on computers,but not mobile device.

Older people are more on Social Networking sites: Study

Social networking groups are no more an exclusive domain of teenagers or youngsters as it was a few years back.