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Facebook couple ‘tie the knot’

A British couple,who rekindled their romance when they met on social networking site Facebook 27 years after they split,have tied the knot.

China’s state media lashes out at Google

China’s state media on Sunday accused Google Inc of pushing a political agenda by “groundlessly accusing the Chinese government” of supporting hacker attacks and by trying to export its own culture,values and ideas.

Facebook to open office in Hyderabad

Popular social-networking site Facebook will open an office in India to tap skilled people.

Pressure on Facebook for ‘panic button’

British officials say they’re pressuring Facebook to make a “panic button” available on its Web pages.

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The initiative was designed to draw attention to a serious issue and it achieved its goal. Pleaserobme.com is a simple website that publishes a live feed of posts that appear on Twitter…

Cyber-bullying puts heat on Google,others

The Internet was built on freedom of expression and the society wants someone held accountable when that freedom is abused.

Facebook in no rush for IPO: Report

Zuckerberg said that the company would eventually launch an IPO,but in no rush.

How to decline Facebook friends without offence

Rather than inviting someone to be our Facebook friend only after we’ve become friends in the real world,many of us are using Facebook as a short-cut around all that time-consuming relationship building.

Over 10,000 join ‘vindaloo against violence’ campaign

In a bid to show their solidarity and denounce spate of attacks against Indian community,over 10,000 people have signed up on internet for the ‘vindaloo against violence’ campaign.

Rise in divorce evidence from social websites

A poll of matrimonial lawyers in the United States showed there has been an increase in divorce evidence from websites such as Facebook,MySpace and Twitter.

View from the RIGHT

In an article titled “The tasks before Gadkari”,M.V. Kamath writes in the latest issue of the RSS mouthpiece Organiser…

Google takes on Facebook,launches ‘Buzz’

Google Inc is tapping its huge network of Gmail users and Web surfers to create a Buzz that it hopes will help it catch up with online social networking leaders Facebook and Twitter. The world’s No. 1 search engine on Tuesday launched Google Buzz,which allows users to quickly share messages,Web links and photos with friends […]

Visible & vocal,Palin positioned for variety of roles

Without leaving home,Sarah Palin will be able to reach much of her political base,courtesy of a soon-to-be be built television…

De facebook

Facebook used to be our playground but privacy concerns are now souring that fantasy. Why do we trust a clutch of new corporations with such phenomenal amounts of personal data?

Muslims using social networking sites are sinners,says fatwa

Terming the use of networking sites such as ‘Facebook’ as anti-Islamic,a top Egyptian cleric has issued a fatwa against it saying Muslims using such cyber platforms must be considered “sinners”.