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Facebook Lite app to launch in developed countries, including US

Facebook will roll out its Lite app, created for slow internet connections, to developed nations, including the US.

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Facebook, Twitter, Google CEOs face calls to testify before US Congress

Many US senators believe that the CEOs of social media platforms Facebook, Google and Twitter should testify before Congress, and explain how news spread around the 2016 elections.

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Facebook, Google political ads could face new federal rules before mid-term elections

The US Federal Election Commission will look to frame new rules on political ads on social media, to mitigate Russian influence during the mid-term polls to take place later this year.

New German minister to challenge Google, Facebook over news representation

A new minister in Germany’s government will look to engage with social media giants Google and Facebook over the way news appears on their platforms.

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Snapchat, Instagram remove Giphy GIF option over racist stickers: Report

If you are unable to add GIFs to your Stories on Snapchat or Instagram, it is because the feature has been temporarily removed from both platforms due a racist GIF on Giphy. Here’s what happened.

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Facebook’s Oculus rolls out patch for Rift VR headset

Oculus Rift users have received a patch for their VR headsets, which had stopped functioning when the Facebook unit failed to sign a security renewal certificate.

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Facebook Messenger Lite on Android gets a video calling feature: Here’s how it works

Here’s how to use the feature video calling on Facebook Messenger Lite, a stripped down version of the Messenger chat app for Android.

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BlackBerry’s Facebook suit is latest salvo in patent battle

BlackBerry’s lawsuit against Facebook is the latest tech patent battle, that intends to show the company’s shifting focus towards licensed technology.

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Facebook, Twitter need to work harder to control extremism: Report

In a report filed by the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, Facebook and Twitter have been asked to continue acting against extremist content appearing on their platforms.

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BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram over patent infringement

In the latest among tech patent wars, BlackBerry has sued Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, claiming that their features have been copied from BlackBerry Messenger.

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Facebook hires former BuzzFeed, Pinterest execs for video content

Facebook looks to expand its video porfolio, after hiring former executives from BuzzFeed and Pinterest to handle global video content across the social network as well as Facebook Watch.

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Facebook, YouTube dominate social media use in US: Pew Research Centre

Data from the Pew Research Centre has shown that Facebook and YouTube are the most preferred social media options for users in the US, as milennials prefer Snapchat and Instagram.

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Facebook, Google making profits from ‘pop-up’ brothels, says UK report

The NCA accused Google and Facebook of ‘making profits’ from the trafficking of vulnerable women. According to the agency, web companies have become the ‘key enabler for the sexual exploitation of trafficked victims in the UK’.

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Facebook testing ‘Voice Clips’ status updates for Indian users

Facebook is getting more serious about voice-enabled features and it is already working on smart home speakers named Fiona and Aloha which are reportedly slated to launch around July.

Facebook ends six-country test that split News Feed in two

Facebook decided to end the test and maintain one feed because people told the company in surveys they did not like the change, Adam Mosseri, head of the News Feed at Facebook, said in a statement.