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From Sundar Pichai to Elon Musk: A look at salaries of top tech CEOs

This is how much each top tech CEO takes home.

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Google, Facebook employees duped of $100 million in phishing scam: Report

In 2013, a Lithuanian man allegedly tricked employees of Facebook and Google into wiring over $100 million to bank accounts that he controlled

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Facebook gearing up to fight political propaganda

Facebook security researchers and its chief security officer said the company will monitor the efforts of those who try to hurt “civic discourse” on its service.

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WhatsApp privacy policy case: Here’s what it says, and why it matters

WhatsApp privacy case: The government is exploring a data regulatory regime for internet services in India

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J&K social media ban: Use of 132-year-old Act can’t stand judicial scrutiny, say experts

Jammu and Kashmir’s social media ban: Legal experts are not convinced this is a viable order

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Tech firms race to spot video violence before they go viral

Companies worldwide are racing to improve AI so software can automatically spot and block videos of murders, mayhem before they go viral on social media.

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Facebook says it will act against ‘information operations’ using false accounts

Facebook said its security team would now fight information operations, which it regards as a more complex problem than traditional hackers and scammers.

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Vietnam says Facebook commits to preventing offensive content

Vietnam’s government said Facebook has committed to work with it to prevent content that violates the country’s laws from appearing on its platform.

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Facebook brings Reactions to Facebook Lite app, rolls out India-specific camera effects

The event — centered on three themes: Me, My Community and My World – showcased a number of products including Facebook Live, Facebook Lite and WhatsApp.

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Facebook may help curb government corruption, claims study

Scientists say social platforms like Facebook may help fight government corruption, especially in countries where press freedom is curbed.

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Facebook’s new Surround 360 cameras, and what they offer

The x24 and x6 are the second generation of Facebook Surround 360 camera, and could change how 360-degree video is shot

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Virtual reality companies navigate ‘The Trough of Disillusionment’

Sales of VR hardware have fallen behind by 40 percent and those which do sell are relatively inexpensive rather than those high-end dedicated headsets.

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WhatsApp group admins can end up in jail over offensive content, says Varanasi DM’s order

Any factually incorrect, rumour or misleading information on WhatsApp could result in an FIR against the group admin

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Facebook F8 conference day 2: Building 8, Camera AR and everything else

Facebook has concluded its annual F8 developer conference. Let us take a look at everything that was announced.

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How Facebook’s Building 8 is working on tech to let people type from their brains

Facebook revealed more details about its Building 8, and what sort of futuristic projects it is developing