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Of tern poop, tickling turtles and reef-villain — starfish on Australia’s Lady Elliot Island

The white-capped noddy tern, a seabird, was doing what his ancestors did. Pooped on the island to turn it into a guano (bird poop) mining site. So precious was guano as manure and ingredient for gunpowder that poop-diggers stripped the island bare for the expensive bird droppings.

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Another Day in Paradise: Exploring the charm of island vacations and need for pragmatic tourism

Powder-white sand, crystal clear water and lush foliage — islands are the idyll that all travellers dream of. However, in picture-perfect Tahiti, Bali, Maldives or Hawaii, it’s easy to forget that some of the very things that make islands so beautiful also render them utterly vulnerable. We explore the charm of island vacations, but also the urgent need for pragmatic tourism.

Culture, people and history — Exploring the many flavours of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s cuisine melds the cultures of its myriad ethnic groups, carries impressions of its colonial past, and is informed largely by its topography, and a little by the West too.

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The Pursuit of Happiness; Samoa in a nutshell

Like many other beautiful island nations, Samoa is paying for the greed of the developed world, but that doesn’t take away from the joie de vivre of the locals and the beauty of its landscape.

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A Song of Fire and Ice: Iceland is everything that an island vacation denotes

Iceland is the antithesis of everything that an island vacation denotes and that’s what makes it special. The whole country feels more like a national park or a petri dish of the earth’s constant evolution.

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Where the river bends: Life on Majuli, the world’s biggest river island

Life on Majuli switches between the loving embrace and frequent fury of the Brahmaputra. Rains in Majuli are not ordinary. With every downpour, the island loses a little bit of itself to the river.

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Never leave home: Finding a slice of India in Mauritius

Mauritius echoes the spirit and resilience of India. The Indo-Mauritius people constitute 70 per cent of the population today. Out of this, more than 30 per cent are from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, with Bhojpuri as their mother tongue.

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An unforgettable sufferfest in the island of Eat Pray Love

I stood on the rim shivering in the freezing cold, with an inadequate shawl wrapped around me. But when the sun finally rose above the horizon, the warmth of the sun felt as good as wrapping fine cashmere around myself.

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A Bohemian in Bohol: A chance encounter with Chocolate Hills and Philippine gems

When a nature photographer stumbled upon Philippine gems. The author explores the Bohol Island in the Philippines’ central Visayas region, the hidden reefs, the sublime Chocolate Hills and the endangered Philippine tarsier.

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Whale Wide World; The migration route of the Southern Humpback whale

The migration route of the Southern Humpback whale follows some of the world’s most stunning islands.

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Shores of History: The Greek island of Corfu is the seat of a violent past

Corfu evokes beautiful images of epicurean delights, but it is also the seat of a violent past. On this Greek island, time seems to slow down as the rhythm of daily life is punctuated by simple pleasures.

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AR Venkatachalapathy says Subramania Bharati has become a posthumous bestseller

AR Venkatachalapathy on the enduring magic of Subramania Bharati.

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A Song Called Bharati: Why the Tamil icon is even more relevant now

Nearly 100 years after his death, as a new book explores the nationalisation of his work, a look at the centrality of Tamil poet-public intellectual Subramania Bharati in the making of modern Tamil political culture and why he is relevant now more than ever.

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Juhi Chaturvedi: The Interpreter of Maladies

In every film, screenwriter Juhi Chaturvedi explores the Indian middle-class family, their troubles and triumphs – and offers a balm for what ails them.

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An Indian epic goes to Japan: How kabuki borrows from the Bhagavad Gita

How kabuki borrows from the Bhagavad Gita and the incredible serenity of the Land of the Rising Sun.