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Funny Guys Finish Last

Govinda has scripted a comeback that has not gone to plan. Bollywood turned its back on him long ago. But can you love showbiz and not thank him for all the laughs?

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‘For me, the street is not to be evaded; it is to be enjoyed’

Jerry Pinto on his new novel, the crime fiction stories that never get told and the ethical curiosity central to journalism.

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A Woman’s Place

Sabyn Javeri’s debut novel tackles some uncomfortable truths around women, power and ambition.

Speakeasy: Remembrance of Pages Past

Even though they may be losing out to print, ebooks are the future because they archive the time gone by.

With the Last Drop of Snow

The past lives on in the snow-clad city of Katowice, a modern metropolis and an industrial hub in Poland.

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That’s All, Folks

Digital has killed the audio cassette. No one knows this better than Javed Jamal, who is waiting to sell his last batch of 200 cassettes in old Delhi.

Smart, Sassy and in Trouble

Is The Viral Fever a new media organisation that plays by old rules?

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Two children under six and a trip that involves four changes and 48 hours. The French Polynesia is worth the hype and the journey across the world.

Down in jungleland: It’s a Big, Bad World

Survival, in both the animal and the human world, has become of the baddest, not the fittest.

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I’m interested in ordinary people and finding out what’s extraordinary about them says Ritesh Batra

Ritesh Batra talks about straddling two worlds to recreate ’60s Britain for The Sense of an Ending, and how fatherhood changed the filmmaker’s gaze.

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Digital native: Lie Me a River

The sea of social media around us often drowns the truth, exchanging misinformation for facts.

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Down in jungleland: Sunrise, sunrise

The darkest hour is often the most beautiful.

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Lessons My Father Taught Me

The joys of giving and not getting.

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‘We are still living in the ongoing aftermath of 9/11’

Sikh-American activist and filmmaker Valarie Kaur on the spike in hate crimes in the US and why they are inextricably linked to state violence.

To Market, To Market: How Connaught Place has changed over the years

A brief history of the sometimes-crumbling, always bustling Connaught Place in Delhi.