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This is How You Lose Her

A battered woman once is not a battered woman forever. Meena Kandasamy’s new novel is a steely-eyed look into a marriage where a vow made was not for the better, only worse.

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Luck, By Chance

In a country divided by our differences, we stand as one in our superstitions.

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The Hate You Give

Were the Mughals really evil? Did Indian rishis build an aeroplane? Hate and prejudice are heavy burdens to put on our children. Instead, why not teach them to question, dissent and debate?

Porn, Porn addiction

How I escaped an X-rated life

A 56-year-old woman has moved court asking for porn websites to be blocked. The story of her life and marriage, wrecked by violence and abuse, is her strongest argument.

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The Boy Who Lived

At any given point in time, we have all been one of the characters of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe. Twenty years since the first Potter novel came out, a look at what makes it a classic for all times.

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MOM actor Sridevi: I feel like a newcomer every time, and I learnt a lot while doing this film

Bollywood actor Sridevi, who was last seen in Gauri Shinde’s film, English Vinglish in 2012, talks about her new film MOM, how she gets into the skin of the characters she plays, and her advice for her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor, who might soon make her Bollywood debut.

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Down in Jungleland: The Evil That They Do

Some less than savoury activities of the inhabitants of Jungleland.

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Digital native: On mute, the voice of the people

We are at the mercy of trigger-happy governments and profit-hungry corporations that hold our digital lives ransom. They have the capacity to censor, contain, control and eradicate all our digital data without our consent and without repercussions.

Dinosaur extinction

The industrialised human race is on the verge of entering the geological record: What would that mean for the world?

The industrialised human race is on the verge of entering the geological record. What would that mean for the world we know?

Mosque of Sana’a

Decades after earliest Quran was discovered, scholars to share full text of the Sana’a manuscript

Five decades after the earliest manuscript of the Quran was discovered in Yemen, scholars are getting ready to share with the world the full text of the Sana’a manuscript. Inside the incredible hunt for Islam’s urtext.

Krishna Sobti

Krishna Sobti on her childhood, days of Independence and the crisis of contemporary India

Krishna Sobti, 92, has a new novel out. But the legendary Hindi writer now sees time go by swiftly. In what she calls her “last interview”, Sobti looks back at her childhood, the days of Independence and reflects on the crisis of contemporary India.


Down in jungleland: The endearing and mood-elevating little birds

There’s something endearing and mood-elevating about the little birds.

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A Port of Call: The picturesque Port Louis is a city with a personality

Port Louis, a melting pot of cultures, is a city and is also Mauritius’s economic and political powerhouse.

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Vast swathes of forest and lions give company as you drive to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park

On a drive in the South Luangwa National Park, you have vast swathes of forest and preening lions for company.

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Seven Things to Do When You Are Going Solo

Happy Feet! Handy travel advice you won’t get on the Internet.