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From Lipstick Under My Burkha to Tumhari Sulu, 2017 saw the emergence of the strong female character

Can the heroine in our films ever come out on top? In a year which has seen endless controversies over films headlined by women, here’s some good news: 2017 will be remembered for a handful of women (and some men) who were willing to step out of the lakshman rekha and claim agency for themselves.

Tiger Zinda Hai director Ali Abbas Zafar: Commercial cinema is the most difficult of all genres

Ali Abbas Zafar on working with Salman Khan again and why his last film, Sultan, was not regressive. With two hits and a reasonably successful Gunday (2014), behind him, Zafar speaks about his journey

Not just a matinee idol: Shashi Kapoor diversified his career so much that no one type could take hold

Other fans predicted that I would be blown away by Amitabh Bachchan or Rajesh Khanna. But neither of these heroes lodged in my heart the way Shashi Kapoor has.

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Families in Food: Beyond Batatas

A quaint joint in Mumbai has been rustling up delicious local fare for nearly a century.

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Down in Jungleland: Birding, Then and Now

How bird-watching became fashionable in India.

Alain Passard

The French Connection: Chef Alain Passard on how fruits and vegetables are his true heroes

He also talks about the grand feast he’s helming at Amer Fort.

Manushi Chhillar

The World She Left Behind: The stifling patriarchy at Manushi Chhillar’s village

At Manushi Chhillar’s village, beneath the veneer of celebration is the same sorry narrative of stifling patriarchy.

Cherrapunji, Sohra, Meghalaya

Cityscapes: What it’s like to be in one of the wettest spots in the country

Cherrapunji of today is gradually becoming less and less like the Cherrapunji of the record books, which once received 1,500 mm of rain in a single day.

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Good Kid in a Mad City: Meet Prabh Deep Sagar, a Delhi rapper who has taken the Indian hip-hop scene by storm

The story of Prabh Deep Sagar, a 23-year-old rapper who has taken the Indian hip-hop scene by storm, is the story of the grimy underbelly of Delhi-18. A high-school dropout, the artiste is critical of the pressures put on students by the education system and their families.

Bilingual dictionaries

Speak Easy: The utility of bilingual dictionaries

Here’s why it has been integral to love, war and trade since ancient times.

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A cold winter day: Of socks, quilts and bonfire nights

Shakarkandi, socks and quilts that got a new lease of life. A Purani Dilli winter was made of these.

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By the book: A clean, green world

Let environmentalists mull over and help build a future generation of green citizens with their books on trees.

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Who took my winter away?

What was once the most bountiful season in Delhi has now wilted under an unrelenting cloud of smog.

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All in the family: A theatrical throwback to the joint family system

Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Wada trilogy is a nine-hour long theatrical throwback that traces the evolution of the joint family structure in our society.

Pulp and Fiction: Artist Shubigi Rao talks about books, censorship and violence

As storyteller and compulsive archivist, Shubigi’s immersive tongue-in-cheek books, artworks and installations employ puns, both textual and visual.