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Vision problems may put your kid at increased ADHD risk

Children with vision problems should be monitored for signs and symptoms of ADHD so that this dual impairment of vision and attention can best be addressed.

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The rise of the angry national

Rather than being threatened by currents of world history, India can take any current of thought and make it its own, but in a way that exudes that ineffable sense of being shaped by India.

Tracing Kashibai: The ‘first’ lady from Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani

Once, a general Bajirao Peshwa fell in love with Mastani. We trace the third character of this love story — Kashibai.

Call to freedom

How the INA trial hastened the end of British rule in India.

Down in the jungleland: Agent Orange

Wasps do us a great service by controlling the population of caterpillars and aphids.

How Israel went from a culinary desert to gourmet destination

From desolate desert to hipster haven, the country’s transformed food scene is a culinary triumph.

Chennai’s music season: After the hard rain fell

This festive season in Chennai, who would sing Amrithavarshini? This raga, meant to invoke the rain god, spans out best in Muthuswami Dikshitar’s Anandamritakarshini, a familiar peppy composition in the Carnatic concert.

The selfie project: This week’s spotlight is on Purab Kohli

The selfie project is a feature on the spaces and objects that define our work and home life through the selfie.

Pune is very safe for women: Nazish Sheikh

Nazish Sheikh, 21 PGDM Student, on moving to Pune.

The reel jungle

Welcome to the world of reel jungle.

Crossword Book Prize winner Anees Salim reveals why he dropped out of school to become an author

Anees Salim is an author who doesn’t need the publicity machine. Now, he has the Crossword Book Prize 2014 to prove it.

Days and nights in the forest: 23 days with the Maoists in Chhattisgarh

Given rare access, Indian Express reporter Ashutosh Bhardwaj spent 23 days with the Maoists in Chhattisgharh, living in their camps, sharing their food, watching films on a laptop and debating Mao.

The Indian Driver’s Handbook

Making (non)sense of the chaos on Indian roads

EXPRESS 5: Bollywood believes in reincarnation; Film critic’s guide to enjoy a bad film

Here are the top five stories that you should read from EYE edition of The Indian Express.

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What do we need jungles for? A hilarious conversation between tigers and govt officials

Listening in on a secret meeting between representatives of India’s national animal and government officials.