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Haryana government

How Haryana lost a decades-long battle for prime land in NCR heart

What is the story of these 464.6 acres in the Gwal Pahari gram panchayat area, close to the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road?

NREGA v minimum farm wages: How jobs Act is losing out to funds crunch

After the Finance Ministry rejected the recommendations of two recent government panels, MGNREGA workers in 10 states will get no raises in 2018-19. Minimum farm wages are now higher in many states.

Why Maharashtra is changing its rules on parole, furlough — again

Parole and furlough, which are parts of the penal system and used for humanising prison administration, are granted under different circumstances.

China regulator bans TV parodies amid content crackdown

Chip in TV set-top boxes: Why govt wants ‘accurate’ viewership data

What is the background and relevance of the discussion between TRAI and the Ministry?

In Fact: Why trains keep killing elephants

Four elephants, including a calf, were cut down by a train in Odisha on Monday. Trains now kill 17 elephants every year on average in India. Here’s what makes the Elephas maximus so vulnerable.

Why central India may see less rainfall over the next 50 years

The monsoon is considered normal if average rainfall is between 96% and 104% of the LPA. Anything less than 90% of the LPA is considered a deficient monsoon.

What the NIA probe in six bomb blasts found

‘Strong anti-minority feelings’: What the NIA probe in six bomb blasts found

There was a partial conviction in the Ajmer blast case; in the Mecca Masjid case, all five main accused were acquitted on Monday; and the Modasa blast case was closed by the NIA in 2015.

cash crunch in India

No cash in ATMs: Why is there a shortage? What happens next?

The Indian Express unpacks the issues around the crunch, and why it may not be that unusual.

Boko Haram means “Western education is forbidden”. Reuters

The rise and reach of Boko Haram as it continues to kill and kidnap

Although the Boko Haram frequently staged armed attacks and bombings since it came into being, it wasn’t until 2009 that the international community took notice of the outfit.

The contours of the new Red map

NDA government launched ‘National Policy and Action Plan’ in 2015, covering security and development aspects. Three years later, it claims tangible benefits in its efforts against Maoists.

The Long Walk: Did the Aryans migrate into India? New genetics study adds to debate

The Long Walk: Did the Aryans migrate into India? New genetics study adds to debate

Co-authored by 92 leading scientists, it offers new insights into makeup of the Indian population. Will it settle or again trigger the contentious debate?

Iran anti-hijab protest, Iranian women protest, anti-hijab protest, protest against hijab, Girls of Revolution Street, iran, indian express explained

#WhiteWednesdays: Why Iranian women want to be seen, heard

Rising anti-hijab protests in Iran have compelled its supreme leader Ali Khamenei to issue a statement

Siachen, India-Pakistan, Operation Meghdoot, ceasefire line, Karachi Agreement 1949, Siachen glacier, Indian Express explained

Operation Meghdoot: 34 years ago, how India won Siachen

April 13, 1984, was when India first deployed its men at Siachen. Thirty four years on, with 163 casualties in the past decade and nearly 900 overall, the soldiers continue to remain on this icy, barren land

Facebook must face class action over facial recognition - U.S. judge

US Congressional hearings: Who hears whom and why

A congressional hearing is a well-developed and structured method by which members of the two houses — the Senate and the House of Representatives — collect and analyse information on various matters of interest to the polity and the country.

After 8 months wait for unedited tapes, sedition case against youths to be closed

The power to withdraw a case: Vested with state govt, subject to court approval

What is it that gives a state government such powers to withdraw cases in matters of such serious nature?