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World leaders bid farewell to late German chancellor Helmut Kohl

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Kohl as “a German patriot and at the same time a European patriot.” Kohl will be buried later today following a mass in the German city of Speyer.

French presidential poll crucial to the future of Europe

The outcome will be anxiously monitored around the world as a sign of whether the populist tide that saw Britain vote to leave the EU and Donald Trump’s election in the United States is still rising, or starting to ebb.

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European refugee crisis: Lost children and displaced families

Without help, families face lonely search for Europe’s missing refugee children.

Greece has ‘basically achieved’ its reform goals: Juncker

Greece’s creditors carried out the review intended to evaluate progress on reforms by the Athens government as it hopes to unlock the next tranche of its 86-billion-euro ($95 billion) bailout agreed in July.

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In 27 months, over 8,000 enter watery Mediterranean grave

While the Syrian conflict has been the major driver of the migration, people have been fleeing war, abuses and poverty in other countries as well.

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Pope Francis urges Europe to keep welcoming migrants, not replace security fears with humanity

Pope Francis lamented the distinction made between refugees fleeing conflict and persecution and migrants escaping poverty, saying both deserve international protection.

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Europe on high alert as hunt on for ninth Paris attack suspect

Police are hunting the newest suspect believed to be involved in carnage that killed at least 129 people, after footage showed a third man in a car used by gunmen who opened fire at bars and restaurants in central Paris.

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A land to till

Ancient Roman wisdom offers a solution to the European refugee crisis.

Migrant crisis: Worried police open Slovene-Austria border

The latest news as migrants make their way across Europe by the tens of thousands, fleeing war or seeking a better life.

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Migrant crisis: Hungary shuts down border with Croatia to stem flow of migrants

Several hundred migrants who reached the border minutes before the deadline would still be allowed to enter Hungary for humanitarian reasons.

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One-year-old dies after migrant boat breaks down off Greek island

The 1-year-old boy, whose nationality was not made known, was found unconscious on a rubber dinghy which had broken down and went adrift late on Thursday.

EU ministers approve plan to relocate 120,000 migrants

Some countries were opposed, the Twitter post from the Luxembourg mission to the European Union indicated.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad blames the West for the refugee crisis

“As long as they follow this propaganda, they will have more refugees,” Assad said in an interview with Russian media.

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A Europe Without Empathy

West has undergone de-civilisation. It is on show in the unfolding refugee crisis

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Who gets what: Where refugees might go under new proposal

The EU has largely dithered in thrashing out a cohesive approach to the crisis with nations like Slovak, Serbia and several former Eastern Bloc countries rejecting mandatory quotas for distributing refugees among the bloc.