Egypt Elections

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Egypt: El-Sissi wins election by landslide

El-Sissi’s nationwide turnout was around 44 percent, well below the nearly 52 percent won by Morsi in June 2012.


Egypt presidential election set for May 26, 27

The election would go into a second round if there is no clear winner.


Brotherhood claims Egypt presidency win amidst army power grab

A tally showed Mursi had nearly 52% of the votes while Ahmed Shafiq,had about 48% votes.


Islamists sweep early results in Egypt election

Early results from Egypt’s first post-revolution election showed Islamist parties sweeping to victory.


Egypt Islamists take early lead

Islamists have formed governments in Tunisia and Morocco


Egyptians shrug off negativity,flock to poll booths in droves

The build-up to the election was marred by violence that claimed 40 lives.


Egypt votes for future in historic polls

Voters queue up for landmark polls,even as Egypt itself remains polarised over its future.


Egypt prepares for first post-Mubarak election

Polls were announced even as Egypt faces growing uncertainty over a post-Mubarak course.

India to provide ‘wonder’ EVMs to Egypt: EC Quraishi

He said India was ready to offer all its experience to the “budding” democracy in Egypt.