Economic Survey 2018

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#GenderAnd: When women count. Can data alone drive policy?

Data can be sexist, missing women & girls entirely, or undervaluing their contributions.

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Maharashtra has largest share in India’s export and GST base: Economic Survey

It also estimates the current GST base at Rs 65-70 lakh crore. Tax base here refers to the aggregate value of the financial streams on which GST can be imposed.

Budget 2018: Health sub-centres gear up for bigger role in preventive care

Budget for uncertain times

While a certain amount of extra spending can’t be ruled out, this has to be kept at a minimum. If it is not, the bond markets will get even more spooked than they are right now, interest rates will rise and, to that extent, will dampen whatever industrial activity there is right now.

Economic Survey: Government spending on education less than 3 per cent of GDP

Six years ago, that is in 2012-13, education expenditure was 3.1% of the GDP. It fell in 2014-15 to 2.8% and registered a further drop to 2.4% in 2015-16.

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Now you see it

Economic Survey does well to include data on India’s ‘unwanted’ daughters. It helps make discrimination visible

Economic Survey 2018 shows why data needs to be disaggregated by gender

#GenderAnd: Patience is not a virtue when there are an estimated 63 million “missing women” on account of sex selective abortion. 21 million “unwanted” girls on account of “son obsession”

Govt’s Chief Economic Advisor calls for better RBI regulation

Economic Survey 2018 — Thrust areas: Economic convergence, gender inequality, climate change

The Survey strives to combine rigor with readability, a challenge that increases in the same proportion as attention spans shrink (from absorbing op-eds to scrolling down tweets).

INX Media: P Chidambaram's fear of harassment of his family turns true

Congress slams govt claims: ‘Economic survey depressing, President’s address insipid’

Congress leader P Chidambaram said the Economic Survey has “thrown the burden on private investments and exports”.

CEA Arvind Subramanian: In next few years, we can go back to medium-term growth potential of 8-10 per cent

Let me just say that the higher the prices go, our vigilance should increase correspondingly, said Arvind Subramanian.

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Economic Survey 2018: Govt projects an uptick in growth, admits it may slip on fiscal target

Taking note of the fiscal developments, the Survey noted, “A pause in general government fiscal consolidation relative to 2016-17 cannot be ruled out”.

2014 hope to 2018 realism: Economic Survey story

Under Arvind Subramanian, the Economic Survey was elevated to an altogether different level as it introduced new concepts such as “Twin Balance Sheet (TBS) problem” and the “JAM agenda” to describe both threats and opportunities in the Indian policymaking arena.

Economic Survey 2018: 5 states show the way with 70% of exports, enjoy higher standard of living

The Survey has for the first time included data on international exports of states and asserts that they indicate a strong correlation between export performance and the standard of living.

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21 million is the number of girls parents did not want: first such national data

The number has been arrived at by looking at the sex ratio of the last child (SRLC) which is heavily male-skewed, indicating that parents keep having children until they get the desired number of sons.

Rotomac bank fraud

Economic Survey: Despite success rate under 30 per cent, tax dept largest litigant

Persists in pursuing litigation at every level of the judicial hierarchy: Economic Survey 2017-18

Economic Survey 2018: Over one-fifth of road sector credit now NPAs

Road Transport and Highways ministry officials said the figure of NPAs could be out of context because road projects typically have long gestation periods.