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Privacy in the air

DGCA’s draft regulation on drones is a beginning. But it sidesteps important issues.

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New mapping system allows drones to navigate dense forests, cities

Ressearchers at MIT have created a drone system that can run on the basis of estimating obstacles over intricate maps.

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Finalising Regulation: ‘Commercial application of drones to extend to energy, mining’

Going forward, commercial drone usage would increase in emerging sectors like insurance, telecom and delivery with a rise in drones as a service model.

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GoPro lowers sales view on weak demand, to exit drone business

GoPro has suffered from decreasing sales in the holiday season, and has announced that it would stop manufacturing drones.

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Indian Railways to deploy drones to monitor projects

Officials from the Indian Railways have said that drones shall be used for railway maintenance, surveillance and management.

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Drone flew into New York `no-fly’ zone, exposing risks

Recent incidents of unmonitored drone activity in the US have shown that the technology needs to follow regulations, so that unskilled operators don’t defy no-fly zones and legal principles.

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GAIL hires drones to secure gas pipelines, maintain aerial surveillance with satellite tech

In another step towards a technology overhaul, GAIL has said it will hire drones to monitor pipeline networks across the country, which can help detect leaks and cracks, along with raising safety standards.

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NASA drone race sees human pilot beat AI-controlled autonomous system

In a drone race that pitted a world-class pilot against Artificial Intelligence (AI), the human pilot emerged faster although the AI flew the drone more smoothly and consistently.

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Aeromodellers start online petition against rules on drones

In a petition on online platform Change.org, aeromodellers say that these rules will “render their hobby and sport impossible and unsustainable”.

UK drone law

Drones help law enforcement agencies with air surveillance, assists emergency services

Drones are fast becoming an essential tool for more law enforcement agencies, changing how officers carry out everyday tasks and bringing air surveillance to departments with limited budgets.

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Flipkart, Amazon will consider drone deliveries in India after civilian drone use announcement

E-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart will be able to make airborne delivery of products to customers in India using drones enabled by technology being developed by the country’s aviation sector

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Japan to finalize strategy for drones, self-driving trucks on June 9

The move to drones and autonomous vehicles is urgent for Japan, because its workforce has shrunk dramatically enough to force companies to start scaling back operations.

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Scientists use drones to collect data from volcanic plume

Scientists successfully use the unmanned aerial vehicles to collect measurements from an inaccessible volcano as it erupted.

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Wind-powered drones get backing from Germany’s EON

Technology that uses flying drones that are wind powered is getting a boost from the Germany utility EON SE, backs a test project that may cut the costs of producing power offshore.

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Fully automated passenger-carrying drone to fly in Dubai

Dubai hopes to have a passenger-carrying drone regularly buzzing through the skyline of this futuristic city-state in July.