Drone Strikes

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US drone kills 2 suspected al-Qaida militants in Yemen

Witnesses say a US drone strike killed two suspected al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen.

US drone strikes set ‘dangerous precedent’: study

The ex-officials urged President Obama to lift the veil of secrecy that surrounds the robotic aircraft use.

Pakistan’s ties with US is that of slavery not friendship: Imran Khan

Addressing the protest,Khan accused politicians of having dual policies when it comes to the US.

Petition filed against Sharif for failing to end drone strikes

The High Court had passed an order in May declaring drone strikes a “war crime”.

Name US,CIA in FIR booked for drone strike,demands Imran Khan’s party

Pakistan Police named ‘unknown’ persons in the FIR,which did not go down well with PTI.

Jemima’s film on US drone strikes set for world premiere

The film depicts impact of drone strikes on the lives of people living in the unruly tribal areas of Pakistan.

No explicit or implicit consent given for drone strikes: Pakistan

Masood Khan said use of drones violates Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Drone strikes lawful,effective: US

White House justification means a virtual no to Pak PM’s demand for end to drone strikes.

US drone kills 6 suspected militants in Pakistan

According to reports,a total of 565 militants have died in around 400 drone strikes in Pakistan.

Drone strikes has helped to root out al-Qaeda in Pakistan: John Kerry

Since 2009,the United States has carried out more than 360 strikes in Pakistan and Yemen.

Drone strikes are legal and ethical: US

US says rigorous standards were applied in these attacks,which were carried out in surgical manner.

Rescuers at Pak drone sites also targets: Report

The bureau counted more than 20 other civilians killed in strikes on funerals.

Pak running out of patience on drone strikes: Defence Min

Warning comes as US spy aircraft carried out 4 strikes in tribal region in 3 days,killing 10 people.

More US military action in Pakistan possible: US senator

Support is growing in US Congress for expanding military action in Pak beyond CIA drone strikes.

Pak will respond if drone strikes don’t stop: ISI chief

Pasha warned US that Pakistan will be “forced to respond” if drone strike continued over the country.