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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton rack up Super Tuesday wins; Ted Cruz keeps foothold

Both Clinton and Trump were denied a clean sweep which many poll pundits had predicted.

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Donald Trump’s rise: Plenty for fans and foes to love, hate

Gutsy, shrewd and armed with an uncanny sense of timing, Trump built a business that spans the globe, much bigger in scope and riches than when he took it over from his father.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton move closer to winning party nominations after big ‘Super Tuesday’ wins

Super Tuesday LIVE: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have stacked up victories in crucial states

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Super Tuesday: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton poised for big wins

Super Tuesday is the biggest single day of state-by-state presidential nominating contests for the Nov. 8 election to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama.

John Oliver rips apart Donald Trump, says he is America’s ‘back mole’

John Oliver, the British host of ‘Last Week Tonight’ assesses the popularity of Donald Trump, who could be the Republican nominee for the White House

#SuperTuesday: Donald Trump ‘misquotes’ Gandhi in Instagram post, trolled

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win – Mahatma Gandhi,” Trump wrote on social networking site Instagram as part of his effort to rally supporters.

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Meaning: Brokered convention

A brokered convention is extremely rare, and according to a post on the popular American political web site, some 85% of Americans were not even born the last time either party had one.

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India is taking away our jobs, not going to happen anymore: Donald Trump

“What I did on June 16, we came out and we started talking about trade, how we’re being ripped off with China, ripped off with Japan, ripped off with Mexico at the border and then trade, ripped off by Vietnam, and by India, and by every country,” Trump had said.

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Donald Trump wins backing of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Chris Christie is one of the first establishment Republicans to endorse Donald Trump in the nominating race for US president

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All illegal immigrants in US will have to go back: Donald Trump

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said that if he is elected to power all illegal immigrants, would have to go back and then enter the US through a legal process.

Republican rivals Rubio, Cruz go on attack against Donald Trump at GOP 2016 debate

Republican rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz attacked front-runner Donald Trump over his position on illegal immigration during GOP 2016 debate.

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Will prosecute Hillary Clinton if elected: Donald Trump

Clinton, however, fired back quickly claiming nothing has been proved so far against her.

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Donald Trump: Will prosecute Hillary Clinton if elected

Republican US presidential front-runner Donald Trump has said if elected he would prosecute his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for using a private email server when she was the secretary of state.

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Trump wins Nevada Republican presidential caucuses

Nevada marks the first Republican nominating contest in the West and the fourth of the campaign as the candidates try to collect enough delegates to win the party’s nomination at the national convention in July.

Cruz, Rubio face critical test in Nevada as Donald Trump ahead

Donald Trump was fighting for a third straight victory in Nevada caucuses as he sought to expand a lead that could soon be insurmountable in the Republican presidential race.