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Donald Trump welcomes Turkey President Erdogan amid tensions

Trump lauded Erdogan as an important ally in the “fight against terrorism” and did not mention Erdogan’s domestic crackdown after last year’s failed coup attempt.

Mexico expects NAFTA talks by late August: Economy minister Ildefonso Guajardo

During the 2016 U.S. election campaign, Trump vowed to scrap the 1994 deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Donald Trump transition team handling of classified information raises concern: Former US officials

The officials said transition officials removed classified materials from secure rooms and carried them between buildings in Washington without permission.

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Donald Trump’s Saudi visit: Fighting radical Islam on agenda

Mc Master said Trump will participate in a signing ceremony of several agreements that will further solidify US-Saudi security and economic cooperation.

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Laptop ban on flights to US ‘likely’ to expand: Department of Homeland Security

In March, US banned passengers on direct flights to the US from 10 airports in eight countries from bringing laptops, tablets and other electronic devices larger than cell phones into the cabin.

White House comes out in defence of Donald Trump after disclosure of classified information

On Tuesday, Trump defended his decision to share information about Islamic State threats with Russian officials.

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Donald Trump asked James Comey to end investigation of Michael Flynn: Source

The Comey memo, first reported by the New York Times, is likely to raise questions about whether Trump tried to interfere with a federal investigation.

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Donald Trump allegedly shares ‘highly classified’ info with Russians: Report

The report alleges that Trump shared information about laptops on planes, which was given to the US by an ally who did not give consent for it to be shared with Russia.

US Judges scrutinise motives of Donald Trump’s travel ban

Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall, defending the travel ban, told the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that the executive order should be reinstated because it falls well within the president’s authority.

North Korea missile launch will test Donald Trump’s China strategy: Experts

The UN Security Council is set to discuss North Korea’s latest provocation on Tuesday. US Ambassador Nikki Haley raised the possibility of a new set of global economic restrictions for the North, including on oil imports.

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Donald Trump shared classified information with Russians: Senior US officials

Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister about a planned Islamic State operation, two U.S. officials with knowledge of the situation said.

US democratic institutions ‘under assault’ by Donald Trump: Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

James Clapper said America’s founding fathers had created three co-equal branches of government with checks and balances, but with Trump as president, that was now “eroding.”

200 protesters spell out ‘RESIST!’ at Trump’s golf course near Los Angeles

The group protested Trump’s policies and urged him to release his tax returns.

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Donald Trump accidentally tweets ‘WE’; Twitterati complete the sentence

The tweet by Trump was quickly deleted yesterday but Twitter users seized into the mistaken tweet by turning into a full sentence or offering mock interpretations.

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Donald Trump calls for far stronger sanctions against North Korea after missile test

“Let this latest provocation serve as a call for all nations to implement far stronger sanctions against North Korea,” the White House said in a brief statement.