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Journalist writes he got call from Trump telling him about withdrawing healthcare bill

“I don’t blame Paul. He worked very hard on this,” Trump told Costa.

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Emma Thompson once turned down a date with Donald Trump

Did you know that US President Donald Trump once called Emma Thompson for a date but she did not take his offer.

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India tries to fix Iran trade payments as Donald Trump hardens line

Under previous Western sanctions, India had devised a barter-like scheme acceptable to Washington that allowed it to make some oil payments to Tehran in rupees through a small state bank, UCO Bank

People voted for change and serious action: US President Donald Trump

“A new national pride is stirring our souls,” he said.

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Mukesh Ambani tops list of Indian billionaires, Bill Gates still the richest man: Forbes

Mukesh Ambani, 59, leads the pack of Indian billionaires, coming in at the 33rd position with a net worth of $23.2 billion.

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Here’s what happened when reporters egged Donald Trump to shake hands with Angela Merkel

At the beginning of the press conference, Angela Merkel had made a veiled reference to Donald Trump’s previous comments on her.

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Donald Trump, Angela Merkel’s first public appearance punctuated by awkward moments

The two leaders tried to express their common bonds but showed minimal rapport in their first encounter, a departure from Merkel’s warm relations with Obama

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US Justice Dept delivers documents on Donald Trump’s wiretap claim to Congress

Initial examination of the material indicates it contains no evidence to confirm Donald Trump’s claims that the Barack Obama administration had wiretapped him.

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s use of email alias at Exxon ‘entirely proper’: Exxon attorneys

Exxon has provided 2.5 million pages of documents in response to a subpoena from Schneiderman’s office.

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Donald Trump’s revised travel ban: Here’s all you need to know

Donald Trump’s travel ban was halted by a federal judge in Hawaii.

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Trump administration proposes 60-day freeze on visas for dependent spouses

The H-4 visa-holders are primarily dependent spouses of H-1B visa-holders.

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What is Trump-Russia controversy about? Who all are involved? All your questions answered

Trump reacted to this latest development saying, “Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong.”

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Donald Trump Congress address highlights: POTUS vows to eliminate ISIS, pushes for largest defence budget

US President Donald Trump addressed a joint sitting of US Congress today. Here are the highlights from his address in Capitol Hill.

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Oscars 2017 top 6 moments: Sunny Pawar’s Simba moment to Viola Davis making history

The 89th Academy Awards was an amazing mix of experience with great speeches, cute moments, political comments, and the amazing — if messed-up — climax.

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Oscars 2017: Hard hits, soft pokes… Donald Trump is the piñata on stage

Donald Trump vs Hollywood took a turn for the best (or worst) at the 89th Academy Awards.