Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 2016 US president-elect. He was contesting against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the elections. Trump, who does not have a political background, was born in a business family in 1946 at Queens, New York City. His father owned a real estate and construction firm known as Trump Organisation. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics, he took over his father’s business. Trump was declared the official Republican nominee in July 2016. Trump is seen as a controversial figure as he called for a complete ban on entry of Muslims in United States during his election campaign. He also openly speaks against the need to tackle climate change and supports gun rights in America. During the presidential debate, a video recording of Trump's conversation was leaked in which he was heard making offensive comments about women.
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White House doctor refuses to pull out as Trump's nominee for veterans job

White House doctor refuses to pull out as Trump’s nominee for veterans job

Trump left open the possibility during a news conference that Jackson would withdraw from a political process the president described as “too ugly and too disgusting.”

Donald Trump vetting on nominees

Senators grow frustrated with lax Donald Trump vetting on nominees

Trump promised to fill his administration with the “best people,” but often gravitates toward advisers he has a personal connection with or who look the part, drawing on the approach he took as a business executive.

In big shift, Donald Trump assesses Kim Jong Un as 'very honorable'

In big shift, Donald Trump assesses Kim Jong Un as ‘very honorable’

The United States and North Korea have been negotiating a summit between Trump and Kim to be held in May or June to broker a deal on Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

Trump Macron

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron seek new measures on Iran as deadline looms

Trump wants to withdraw US forces from Syria, believing IS militants are largely defeated, but Macron and other allies argue they should stay to ensure militants do not resurface and to block Iran from strengthening its foothold there.

US-Cuba relations

United States visits to Cuba plunge following Donald Trump measures

The number of Americans traveling to Cuba surged after former US President Barack Obama reached a landmark detente with then-Cuban President Raul Castro in 2014 and eased travel restrictions while maintaining a ban on tourism.

Iran President warns US of grave consequence if it withdraws from 2015 nuclear deal

Iran issues warning as Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump meet

Hassan Rouhani says the United States will face “grave” consequences if Washington decides to withdraw from the landmark 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

Trump administration toughens H1-B visa procedure

Trump administration toughens H1-B visa procedure

The proposed regulation also aims to intensify efforts to crackdown on H-1B visa fraud, said Francis Cissna, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director in a letter to Senator Chuck Grassley.

Trump administration plans to end work permits for H-1B visa spouses

Trump administration plans to end work permits for H-1B visa spouses

The move to end the Obama-era rule could have an impact on more than 70,000 H-4 visas holders, who have work permits.

US-Cuba relations

Some US allies caught in crossfire of sanctions on Russian arms

The US administration could also declare that imposing sanctions on India, a major defence partner, would hurt US national security interests. That would allow a waiver permitting India to do business with Russia.

No typical double date: Trumps, Macrons dine at Mount Vernon

The first lady settled on a state dinner menu of rack of lamb and nectarine tart, along with after-dinner entertainment provided by the Washington National Opera for about 150 guests.

Emmanuel Macron's White House visit

US, France face differences on Iran, trade, as Emmanuel Macron visits White House

Emmanuel Macron said last week that he believed he had persuaded Trump to keep US troops in Syria, but Trump has been insistent on bringing them home, although he has not publicly provided a definite timetable.

Donald Trump's travel ban faces US Supreme Court showdown

Donald Trump’s travel ban faces US Supreme Court showdown

Trump’s immigration policies – also including actions taken against states and cities that protect illegal immigrants, intensified deportation efforts and limits on legal immigration – have been among his most contentious.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, leaves the federal court following a hearing on April 16. (AP)

Donald Trump says he doesn’t think personal lawyer Michael Cohen will ‘flip’

Prosecutors have said they’re investigating Michael Cohen’s personal business dealings but haven’t said what crime they believe he may have committed.

In court, Dems allege conspiracy between Trump camp, Russia

In court, Dems allege conspiracy between Trump camp, Russia

The Democrats accuse Trump and his associates of trading on pre-existing relationships with Russian oligarchs tied to President Vladimir Putin and of collaborating with Russia as it worked to undermine Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump-Macron meeting next week: Iran deal, Syria situation on agenda

Trump-Macron meeting next week: Iran deal, Syria situation on agenda

During the visit, the two presidents are expected to discuss the landmark 2015 nuclear deal signed by the US and other world powers and Iran, the official said.