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Your confidence as a boss makes your team more creative

Creativity and confidence of leaders are contagious.

Cheating can boost creativity

Gino and Wiltermuth found that almost 59 per cent of the participants cheated by inflating their performance on the matrices in the experiment.

Unknown,Not unsung

Gayathri Krishnan,the highest-rated unsigned artiste according to Rolling Stone Middle East,will bring the primal power of human voice to the city

Jagdish Mali: Lensman with rare creativity

Renowned photographer Jagdish Mali,59,passed away in Mumbai on Monday.

Boredom leads to creativity

It is not something we should be afraid of,it’s something we should listen to: Toohey

Imparting science education in mother tongue: Kalam

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam has said that science education should be imparted to children in vernacular languages to bring creativity and enable easy grasp of the subject.

‘Make kids creative by changing the way they are taught’

If we want our children to be creative,there is an immediate need to change the way we are teaching them,” said Kerala-based educationist K B Jinan.

Sleeping on a problem ‘really can solve it’

A new study has revealed that sleeping on a problem and even dreaming about it could really help in overcoming the obstacle as a nap improves one’s powers of creativity.

Living abroad? Study shows you’re likely to be creative

Living abroad helps people expand their experiences and also their minds,according to an international study into the link between moving to another country and creativity.

Blue colour and red best for use in advertisement: Study

These are the findings of a new study aimed at determining which of the two colours most improves the brain’s performance and receptivity to advertising.