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Men consider sex best form of apology

The researchers found that showing emotional commitment is the best way of reconciling a conflict between romantic partners, but that there are systematic differences in how men and women prefer this to be put into practice.

Not happy with matrimonial sites? Now find your life partner through neuroscience

This website caters to the aspirations of those for whom traditional ways of finding a life partner don’t work.

Absence of romantic partner can lead to financial loss: Study

Are you going through the same?

Two to Tango: When pets become an issue between couples

Experts say that issues which on the surface may seem really trivial sometimes get blown out of proportion.

Women attracted to dominant partner feel more at risk of crime

The relationship between feelings of vulnerability, as measured by fear of crime, and women’s preference for physically formidable and dominant mates is stable.

When physical appearances takes a toll on your relationship

Experts feel that while appearances should not be neglected or taken for granted, they should not be made the bone of contention between partners.

Men, women not different but alike: Study

A new study reveals that men and women are far more similar than one thinks.

Marital problems take 10 years to set in: Study

Study revealed “marriages started on a happy note but ran into trouble over time”.

Have you crossed the five stages of love?

Researchers have identified five stages of love, which would decide whether you would be able to cement the relationship or leave midway.

Married and stressed? Have more sex

Married but remain stressed owing to work or family-related issues? Have frequent sex to shun those unnecessary bouts of tension and lead a healthy life.

Relationship OCD can ruin your sex life

Do you keep thinking whether your partner loves you or not? You could be suffering from relationship OCD.

Each minute, 2,500 Britons are making love!

Each minute, 2,500 Britons engage in love amounting to a staggering 900 million encounters of the close kind a year.

Men! New dating app strictly by invitation only

For all the men out there vying for female attention online, the going may get tougher with a new app.

Couples sleep in sync when wife satisfied with marriage

Couples are more likely to sleep in sync when the wife is more satisfied with their marriage, a new study has found.

Couple found dead after argument

A husband-wife were found dead Wednesday after they argued the previous night.