Climate Change

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Earth Hour: Nothing ‘virtual’ about climate impact of emails, tweets

The 10th edition of Earth Day, organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF) and backed by other NGOs to raise awareness about the threat of climate change

Climate change wiped out prehistoric ‘sea dragon’: Study

The creatures were wiped out in two phases, they said, finally disappearing at the beginning of the Late Cretaceous period

Climate action plan still on paper: Municipal Corporation may miss MoEF grants

After a delay of over 18 months, the Chandigarh administration had formulated an action plan on climate change, which was approved by MoEF and a climate change advisory committee was constituted last year.

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Pollution breaching right to happy life, urgent steps needed: President Pranab Mukherjee

The President said citizens of this country have a right to lead a healthy, happy and productive life.

Why the winter has arrived late and why the cold will last

A southward shift of two wind systems has allowed the Westerlies to penetrate into the Indian landmass. Indian Express explains how.

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Climate change to affect farmers first: Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh added that the state government will observe the next financial year as ‘Kisan Varsh’ (farmers’ year) as was done in the current financial year.

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Health insurance policy for planet: Ban Ki-moon on Paris climate change deal

“It will save lives, improve human well-being and promote more peaceful, stable societies,” Ban Ki-moon said on his return from Paris.

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No winners or losers: PM Narendra Modi on #ParisAgreement

Just before the 31-page document was finalised, French President François Hollande, who hosted the conference, called up Modi to apprise him of the latest status at the talks.

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COP21: Historic, but agreement could have been more ambitious, says Javadekar

Javadekar said the agreement could have been more ambitious as the actions of developed nations are “far below” than their historical responsibilities and fair shares.

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Paris Agreement: World adopts first global pact to fight climate change

The “Paris agreement” aims to keep global temperatures from rising another degree Celsius between now and 2100, a key demand of poor countries ravaged by rising sea levels and other effects of climate change.

India welcomes final climate deal draft, says concerns have been addressed

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said the differentiation between developed and developing countries, which India has been demanding, is mentioned across all the pillars of action.

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Final draft of climate deal in Paris ready for adoption, say French hosts

Officials and ministers from across the world have been camping in France to finalize a climate rescue pact

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India needs to follow self-interest on climate change

While climate change will adversely affect India perhaps more than any other major country in the long run, the immediate need is to fight air pollution. In doing so, India will take the lead on climate change.

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Differences persist as deadline for climate pact looms large

“We have discussed all issues and whatever the differing views on different positions and we are working toward… because we want Paris to succeed,” said Prakash Javadekar.

India’s response to climate change: We need action from the govt, not mere talk

We need to strengthen our local environmental agencies that regulate urban construction, waste management, and protect our water sources.