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Gujarat: No cell phones in class, education dept tells teachers

The circulars, issued by the district education officers for primary education, have instructed government schools in their jurisdiction to ensure that the order is implemented properly.

Supreme Court: Cell phones are protected from warrantless searches

A unanimous US Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police may not generally search the cellphones…

Cell phones can harm male fertility

Men who keep a cell phone in their trouser pocket could be damaging their chances of becoming a father, a new study has warned.

New method brings unbreakable phones closer to reality

Scientists to introduce a new method of transferring electronics into Bendable electronics.

‘Penetration’ sends Israel education minister into giggling fit in Parliament

A reference to “penetration” in a speech in parliament caused Israel’s education minister to burst into a laughing fit that went viral Tuesday on Israeli websites

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi says she’s too busy for Facebook

Suu Kyi says joining Facebook not an issue with adjusting to new technology,but a matter of finding the time.

Telecom Tribunal passes interim order directing PSU to restore services

Interconnectivity between BSNL land line and cell phones were unaffected. BSNL had disconnected connectivity to private operators owing to surcharge non-payment.

Cell phones don’t cause brain tumor : study

Those using cell phone for decade do not appear to be at increased risk brain tumor.

Sexting can’t substitute sexual,face-to-face relationship

While social networking sites are in demand,people are still more interested in real-life partners.

Mobile phones ‘may cause plane crash’

Please don’t forget to switch off your mobile phone and other gadgets…

Keeping cell phones near body may cause health issues

Research suggests low-energy radiation may damage cells which could lead to cancer; kids more vulnerable

Talking to death: Texts,phones kill 16,000,says study

The estimate is one of the first scientific attempts to quantify how many people have died in accidents caused by mobile phone distractions.

Typing on mobiles 50% faster?

Finally,the aching fingers of mobile phone users may get a respite.

‘Cellphones cornerstones of WC’

You just can’t keep the gadget out of any and every aspect of human life.

Cell phones to drive growth of digital maps in India: Navteq

With more than 100 million mobile handsets being sold in India annually,cell phones will drive the adoption of digital maps in the country,Navteq today said.