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Pune woman loses son to cancer, his twins are born to a surrogate mother

Prathamesh, who was unmarried, had nominated his mother and sister, Dnyanashree, to use his semen sample after his death.

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Diet may help halt breast cancer spread: Study

Researchers are now considering conducting an early-phase clinical trial in which healthy participants would consume a low-asparagine diet. If the findings are confirmed in human cells, limiting the amount of asparagine cancer patients ingest could be a potential strategy.

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World Cancer Day: Oncologists seek implementation of SC order on chewing tobacco to prevent oral cancer

“When we are aware what causes 90 per cent of oral cancers and the law is there to ban these chewing tobacco products in twin packs, then what is stopping the enforcement?” Head and Neck Surgery Oncologist, Dr Sourav Dutta, told PTI on the World Cancer Day today.

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Lancet study: Survival for most cancers highest in few countries

In India, around 12 per cent of the population is covered by cancer registration.

India ranks second in productivity losses due to cancer related deaths

India ranks second in productivity losses due to cancer related deaths

Second only to South Africa that recorded $1.9 bn amounting to 0.49 per cent of its GDP

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Omega-3s from fish more effective in cancer prevention

According to a study, marine-based omega-3s are eight times more effective at inhibiting tumour development and growth than plant-based sources. Read on to know more.

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Proper sleep in children may prevent cancer later

The study indicates that while sleep duration is important, examining markers of sleep quality may also be useful in designing childhood obesity prevention strategies.

Single blood test may detect eight types of cancer: study

Scientists have developed a single blood test that can help in the early diagnoses of eight common cancer types and helps identify the location of the disease.

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This CANCER patient’s LAST letter will inspire you to change your LIFE

Holly Butcher was just 26 years young when she lost her life’s battle with cancer. Just a day before her death, she penned her last letter for her followers on Facebook and urged them to be kind and helpful.

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Artificial intelligence system can diagnose heart disease, cancer early

A new artificial intelligence system has been developed, that can detect heart ailments and cancer more accurately.

Link between back pain and lung cancer

Is your back pain a red flag for lung cancer?

Many times, one of the first indicators of lung cancer can be back pain, specially in the upper back region. This was pointed out in a recent study that found that 47 per cent of participating patients with lung cancer suffered from chronic pain.

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Bi-annual MRIs helps high risk breast cancer patients: Study

The researchers also suggested that all women should test for BRCA1 and BRCA2 at about age 30, regardless of personal or family history of cancer. that would detect mutations and help early action at preventing cancer.

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Lancet study links high BMI, diabetes to cancer

The Lancet study found that of the new cases in 18 kinds of cancer, 5,44,300 were attributable to high BMI, equivalent to 3.9 per cent of all cancers.

Maharashtra: One crore to be screened for oral cancer in December

“This time, we will expand to all the districts to look for oral cancer cases. Physical examination by doctors will help detect possible cancer cases which will be referred for confirmatory tests,” said Dr Sadhana Tayade, the Joint Director with the Directorate of Health Services (DHS).

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Maharashtra Health minister inaugurates online tutorial for detection of oral cancer

The online programme will be open for all doctors, but the focus will remain on dentists, physicians, and rural health workers, who will be trained on understanding early symptoms of oral cancer, correct diagnosis and initiation of treatment