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Belly fat in postmenopausal women may up cancer risk: Study

Researchers of a study found that the ratio of abdominal fat to peripheral fat was a significant independent predictor of cancer diagnosis. Looking in detail at specific cancers and risk factors, they determined that only lung and gastrointestinal cancers were associated with the ratio.

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Novel device that accurately identifies cancer in seconds

The MasSpec Pen, developed by researchers from University of Texas, Austin in the US, is a handheld instrument that gives surgeons precise diagnostic information about what tissue to cut or preserve during surgery.

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Fat may affect cancer development

According to a study, obesity is believed to affect cancer cell metabolism and immune clearance, all of which can contribute to the growth and spread of tumours. Fat exists both under the skin and deeper inside the body, even slender people may have excess fat surrounding internal organs.

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Clicking selfies may help detect pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease with no effective screening right now. The goal is to have more people who are unfortunate enough to get pancreatic cancer to be fortunate enough to catch it in time to have surgery that gives them a better chance of survival

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Statins may cut breast cancer risk: Study

According to a study statins have some of the best mortality evidence amongst all cardiovascular medications and their use in patients with a diagnosis of high cholesterol is likely the reason this diagnosis appears to be protective against the development of breast cancer and subsequent mortality.

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Lack of awareness leading India towards breast cancer epidemic

The research found that cultural and religious issues mean that women do not access health services, are reluctant to consult male doctors, neglect their own health due to family obligations and are over-dependent on other family members to seek medical help, all of which causes delay in diagnosis.

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US lawmakers seek missing information in review of Monsanto weedkiller

The chairman of a congressional committee has asked the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to explain why its National Cancer Institute (NCI) failed to publish data that showed no links between glyphosate and cancer.

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Tall, obese men at increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer

Men who are tall and obese may be at an increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer as well as death from the condition, according to a study. Higher BMI was also found to be associated with increased risk of aggressive tumours as well as increased risk of death from prostate cancer.

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New designer viruses can help fight cancer: Study

Scientists have created artificial ‘designer’ viruses that can target cancer by alerting the body’s immune system and sending killer cells to fight tumours.

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5 cups of coffee daily may keep liver cancer at bay

A new research suggests that drinking up to five cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of developing the most common form of primary liver cancer by half.

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WATCH: Brave bride suffering from cancer throws wig away during her wedding

The brave bride, Jamie Steinborn, survived a 16-month-long battle with cervical cancer.

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Lung cancer ups suicide risk in men

The higher risk of suicide is more in old-age patients with unfavourable tumour characteristics.

Brisk walk boosts memory in breast cancer survivors: Study

Brisk walking and even jogging can lead to improved memory in breast cancer survivors, a study says.

It pays to finish your bowl of broccoli

People whose diets consist of broccoli have a lesser risk of contracting degenerative diseases.

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Bone drug could prevent breast cancer in high-risk women

Scientists have pinpointed the precise cells acting as culprits in cancer formation, which can then be inhibited by the drug denosumab.