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Maharashtra: One crore to be screened for oral cancer in December

“This time, we will expand to all the districts to look for oral cancer cases. Physical examination by doctors will help detect possible cancer cases which will be referred for confirmatory tests,” said Dr Sadhana Tayade, the Joint Director with the Directorate of Health Services (DHS).

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Maharashtra Health minister inaugurates online tutorial for detection of oral cancer

The online programme will be open for all doctors, but the focus will remain on dentists, physicians, and rural health workers, who will be trained on understanding early symptoms of oral cancer, correct diagnosis and initiation of treatment

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IUDs may prevent cervical cancer risk: Study

As per some scientists, it is the placement of an IUD that stimulates an immune response in the cervix, giving the body an opportunity to fight an existing HPV infection that could one day lead to cervical cancer.

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New AI system can automatically detect bowel cancer in under a second

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can automatically detect colorectal cancer in less than a second.

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Free healthcare facility for kin of cancer patients near Tata hospital

“There is a dire need for health care services for these people. Treatment by private doctors for common ailments is quite expensive,” said blood donor Mehul Doshi, a Vile Parle resident, who has donated platelets 165 times and blood 68 times.

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Temperature-regulating nanoparticles novel cure suggested to treat cancer

Scientists have in a breakthrough developed “intelligent” nanoparticles that have the potential to heat up to a level high enough to kill cancerous cells, but then also self-regulate the temperature and cool down before harming the healthy tissues.

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Cancer deaths almost double in three years

While the state recorded 1845 cancer deaths in 2013, the figure touched 3668 in 2016. The figures were tabled in the Haryana Assembly on Tuesday after Congress MLA and former minister Karan Singh Dalal sought the same.

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Joint venture with Tata Trusts to benefit cancer patients in Assam: Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

“Assam has high incidence of cancer, with the number of new patients diagnosed every year touching the 30,000 mark,” Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

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Sugar makes cancer tumours more aggressive: Study

The discovery provides evidence for a positive correlation between sugar and cancer, which may have far-reaching impacts on tailor-made diets for cancer patients.

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World Obesity Day: Maintain healthy weight to curb risk of cancer

This World’s Obesity day, do not forget to put on your running shoes every day or engage in other physical activities, and introduce some elements of fun in your life without indulging in processed and fatty foods to stave off the diseases associated with overweight and obesity.

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Novel compound causes cancer to self-destruct

Scientists have discovered the first compound that directly drives cancer cells to commit suicide while sparing healthy cells, paving the way for faster and more efficient treatments with fewer side effects.

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Indian-origin professor Nisha D’Silva gets $8.1 million grant for cancer research

An  Indian-origin scientist in the US has been awarded a $ 8.1 million grant to support her research on lethal head and neck cancer, which could help improve the survival rates of patients. Nisha D’Silva received the prestigious Sustaining Outstanding Achievement in Research award, or SOAR, for her continuing research into the molecular pathways that […]

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This is how the Pink Ribbon came to symbolise breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How did the Pink Ribbon come to symbolise breast cancer and the story behind the colour. In 1986 the first Breast Cancer Awareness Month was held in October and the Pink ribbon became an international symbol in 1991.

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Half of cancer drugs approved by UK show no survival benefits

Over half of cancer drugs approved for use in the UK in recent years are not proven to extend life, according to a study.

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Belly fat in postmenopausal women may up cancer risk: Study

Researchers of a study found that the ratio of abdominal fat to peripheral fat was a significant independent predictor of cancer diagnosis. Looking in detail at specific cancers and risk factors, they determined that only lung and gastrointestinal cancers were associated with the ratio.