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California chopper warns people paddleboarding near 15 Great White Sharks, watch video

The helicopter official, Deputy Brian Stockbridge informed the people in the water about the danger and asked them to get out of the water.

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California utility launches first hybrid power systems

A California utility has launched unique system combining a hybrid battery and gas turbine to produce and store electricity for use during summer and peak times

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California: Lost when 18-month-old, abducted son meets mother after 21 years

The mother last saw the boy when he was just 18 months old is now a 22-year-old man.

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Donald Trump tells California ‘there is no drought’, will solve water crisis there

California is, in fact, in midst of a drought. Last year capped the state’s driest four-year period in its history, with record low rainfall and snow.

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Donald Trump supporters, protesters clash in California’s San Diego, 35 arrested

This is the second anti-Trump protest in three days. His rally in New Mexico on Tuesday turned violent as protesters
toppled barricades and threw rocks.

Erasing tolerance? HAF’s changes can only be described as ahistorical edits to history books

The HAF and its allies may have PR machinery and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their war chest to selectively change textbooks, but they are still on the wrong side of history and humanity.

Erasing Facts: What SAFG activists have really done to Hinduism and India in California textbooks

Utilising the term “South Asia” fails to encompass the breadth, contributions, and historical role of Indian and Hindu civilisation during ancient, medieval, and later time periods.

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Erasing History: What the battle over California’s textbooks really means

The HAF alleges that the SAFG does not see its own ‘orientalism’, when it seeks to ‘erase’ India and replace it with ‘South Asia’ as a term of reference.

Sikh-American teenager forced to remove turban at US airport, says he felt ‘utterly humiliated’

“Before I removed my turban, Agent Hernandez asked the dreaded asinine question, ‘Is there anything we need to be aware of before you remove your turban?'”

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At least 9 injured after a fallen tree derails train in California

The commuter train was traveling from San Jose to Stockton when the first two cars went off the tracks near Niles Canyon Road in Sunol.

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Indian-American gets $1 million for selling record jackpot ticket

Balbir Atwal received a USD 1 million cheque as retailer bonus for selling the winning ticket.

California wildfire burns 1,200 acres northwest of Los Angeles

A wildfire northwest of Los Angeles burned about 1,200 acres of land, forced the closure of parts of a major highway and led to evacuations on Saturday, fire officials said. More than 600 firefighters battled the blaze in the Solimar Beach area of Ventura County, and parts of US Highway 101 were closed for part […]

California mom gets life term for killing month-old daughter in microwave

She was convicted of first-degree murder and assault for putting Mirabelle Thao-Lo in the microwave for up to five minutes in 2011. Prosecutors say the child had fatal thermal injuries.

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San Bernardino shooter’s friend arrested on charges of supporting terrorists

Marquez had no role in the attack, but prosecutors said the guns and bomb-making materials he bought that the couple planned to detonate linked him to the killings.

Man pleads not guilty to arson, hate crime at California mosque

Carl James Dial pleaded not guilty to charges of arson, burglary and committing a hate crime in connection with Friday’s fire in the entrance of Islamic Society of the Coachella Valley.