Br Ambedkar

Bhirao Ramji Ambedkar, popularly known as Babasaheb, was the chairman of Constitution Drafting Committee and a champion of Dalit and minority rights movement in India. Ambedkar, who was an economist and social reformer, also served as the first Law Minister of Independent India. Born into a poor Mahar caste in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, he was the first untouchable to have entered Elphinstone College which was affiliated with University of Bombay. After obtaining a degree in economics and political science, Ambedkar moved to United States in 2013 to study at Columbia University in New York City. He earned doctorates in economics from Columbia University and London School of Economics. Throughout his political career and public life, Ambedkar worked for upliftment of Dalit (untouchable) community. He published the book Annihilation of Caste in 1936 which spoke against caste system and Hindu orthodox religious leaders. He also formed the Independent Labour Party in the same year and contested Bombay election to Central Legislative Assembly in 1937. He opposed the special status being granted to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 and supported Uniform Civil Code. In 1956, he converted to Buddhism along with 500,000 Dalit followers. He was posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honour in 1990.
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Sardar Patel achieved India’s territorial integration, BR Ambedkar social and PM Modi economic: Amit Shah

Under the Modi government, Amit Shah said, honest taxpayers, the majority of whom belonged to the middle class, felt they were valued following crackdowns against black money and corruption through various measures, such as demonetisation and the benami law.

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Saharanpur: Four arrested for damaging Ambedkar statue

According to a UP Police spokesperson, a hand of the statue in the village was found damaged on May 19.

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JD(U) demands resignation from IGNCA chairman

“The IGNCA Chairman’s assertion that it is a myth is against the Constitution and also an insult to the Dalits and backward communities,” Said JD(U) national general secretary Shyam rajak.

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The Other Satyagraha

In the context of Ambedkarite politics and ideas, Anand Teltumbde shows how the Mahad conferences in 1927 wrested control of the movement from caste Hindus in favour of Dalits.

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Which Ambedkar?

RSS can change its mind about Ambedkar. But it needs a frank reckoning with why, how it got here.

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How not to recall an icon

India has not matched Ambedkar’s poignant urgency for swift action against social apartheid

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BR Ambedkar: Icon of many parts, everyone wants one

Babasaheb Ambedkar rejected Hinduism, but the Sangh still wants to embrace him. Indeed, no party can ignore the ideals he fought for.

Whose Ambedkar

Those who stake claim over his legacy must first acknowledge its radical and transformative content

Hypocrisy On Jayanti

Why the PM’s paeans to Ambedkar ring a little hollow

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Ambedkar against nationalism

For Ambedkar, human dignity mattered more.

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What Dalits want

It is not just reservations and jobs. But also, respect and participation, prosperity and empowerment

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Narendra Modi to launch Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan tomorrow

The campaign will conclude on Panchayati Raj Day on April 24, when Modi is expected to address all gram sabhas in the country from Jamshedpur

Play On Ambedkar, unreasonable cuts, Censor, suppress Dalit voice

Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary: BJP to highlight Dalit icon’s views on nationalism

The BJP leadership has asked its workers, including MPs and MLAs to focus on the Narendra Modi government’s efforts to promote Ambedkar’s legacy.

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RSS-affiliated journals: ‘Heinous attempts to combine Ambedkar with Marx’

The Organiser editorial noted that while reservation was based on “caste also”, Ambedkar’s “main goal was to avoid the feeling of alienation and separation on the basis of caste”.

Lucknow University to hold ‘non-political’ national seminar on Ambedkar’s vision

The event, scheduled to be held on March 4 and 5, is being organised by departments of Anthropology and Geology.