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From Doklam standoff to disengagement: How India and China resolved the crisis

Despite the ongoing standoff at Doklam, India attended its first plenary SCO meeting after it became full members of the China-dominated security grouping. The SCO members are Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The SCO is increasingly seen as a counterweight to NATO.

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Giving Bhutan its due

In Doklam stand-off, the Himalayan kingdom once again came to the rescue of India’s interests, with costs to itself.

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Doklam disengagement a victory for Asia, says China’s state-run media

Doklam standoff: While giving credit for the Doklam disengagement to the ‘maturity of the Asian continent’, the state-run newspaper also blamed US and Japanese strategists of ‘wanting to see a long-term confrontation between China and India’.

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Doklam disengagement: Sigh of relief in Bhutan but for its troops, fears remain, fingers crossed

Even though Monday’s disengagement deal has raised sighs of relief in Bhutan’s government, sources say it continues to fear that the end of the crisis might prove to be punctuation, until China and India resolve their wider strategic disputes.

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Doklam standoff: US expert says India showing maturity in dealing with ‘tantrum-throwing’ China

Doklan standoff: As China continues to engage in belligerent rhetoric over the Doklam standoff, the Indian Army has cautiously put its units in Arunachal Pradesh on a higher alert, putting some troops in the state ahead of their usual locations but still short of the Chinese border.

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Next to flashpoint, home tension bigger headache than China chill

For the people of Kupup (Sikkim), a 1.5 sq-km patch, the India-China tension is not of paramount importance, it’s the Gorkhaland agitation and the frequent landslides that’s disrupting their lives. As for China, they say, it’s business as usual.

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If China unilaterally changes status-quo in Doklam, it’s a challenge to our security: Sushma Swaraj

Doklam standoff: Replying to SP MP Naresh Agrawal, Sushma Swaraj said, “The international community is supporting us and all understand that India’s viewpoint on the issue is not incorrect).”

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Doklam standoff: What has happened so far

Doklam stand-off: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is also likely to visit China on July 26-27 for BRICS NSAs meeting.

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Sikkim standoff: India has handled border issues in past, not the first time, says Foreign secy Jaishankar

Sikkim standoff: Jaishankar also said Indo-China relations are a factor of stability especially at a time of global uncertainty. But Jaishankar also struck a cautionary note on China’s instrumental rise.

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A Tangled Web in the Himalayas

China is signalling it is ready to throw down the gauntlet and unwilling to countenance India as a determining factor in Bhutan’s external relations

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Sikkim impasse: India including tri-junction in standoff out of ‘ulterior motives’, says China

Sikkim impasse: China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson denied having any information when asked to provide details of the exact coordinates of the tri-junction. Geng also justified China’s road-building in the disputed area, saying that it is not part of the Doklam area.

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China’s state media warns India of ‘bullying’ Bhutan, says Beijing may support Sikkim’s independence

Sikkim standoff: The editorial strongly reiterated that ‘New Delhi’s regional hegemony is swelling to a tipping point’ and that India ‘has to pay for its provocations’. It also mentioned how Sikkim is ‘sensitive’ to how the world views them.

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No dispute with Bhutan in Doklam: China

“I can say that we have been stressing that Doklam belongs to China since ancient times. It was under the effective jurisdiction of China without any dispute. China and Bhutan had about 24 rounds of boundary talks,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said

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Sikkim impasse: What is the India-China-Bhutan border standoff?

Sikkim impasse: Indian officials have said that the road construction efforts by the Chinese PLA are aimed at getting closer to Doka La, the last Indian military post on its border with Bhutan and China.

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Sikkim standoff: Chinese media says India will suffer ‘greater losses’ than 1962 if it ‘incites’ border tensions

Sikkim standoff: While China’s nationalistic tabloid Global Times said India should be taught a “bitter lesson”, China Daily said India should look in the mirror. The Global Times said in its editorial that India will suffer “greater losses” than in 1962 if it “incites” border clashes with China.