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US Justice Dept delivers documents on Donald Trump’s wiretap claim to Congress

Initial examination of the material indicates it contains no evidence to confirm Donald Trump’s claims that the Barack Obama administration had wiretapped him.

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Breaking silence, Barack Obama speaks out on Donald Trump’s immigrants order

Lewis’ comments mark the first time Obama has weighed in on Trump’s actions since Obama left office on Jan. 20.

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Donald Trump pulls out of TPP deal: Other executive orders signed by Trump administration so far

As soon as Trump officially took charge as the 45th President of the United States, his administration has been active in making a number of policy changes

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This farewell picture by Barack Obama’s photographer will make you extremely emotional

Pete Souza gave the world a sneak peek inside the life of Obama family for the past eight years and we all loved it!

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Watch: Ellen DeGeneres honors Barack Obama with emotional farewell video

Ellen DeGeneres shared a heart-touching farewell video on her talk show to pay tribute to Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama.

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We’re going to have a woman, Latino, Jewish or Hindu American president: Obama

Obama also expressed hope that there would be more diverse chief executives in the future and that the White House could see another black president.

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Barack Obama ‘significantly worried’ about status quo on Israel-Palestine conflict

Stressing that there is no alternative to a two-State solution, Barack Obama said that he has said this to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Barack Obama dials PM Narendra Modi, says ‘thank you for strengthening Indo-US ties’

The two leaders met at the White House in September 2014. Since then they have met each other eight times.

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Obama family to vacation in Palm Springs after inauguration

It’s a tradition for the outgoing president to fly out of Washington DC for the final time after being succeeded by a new president.

Obama contradicts perception he lived off taxpayers’ money

The outgoing US president said the only thing he doesn’t pay for is Secret Service and Airforce One.

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Barack Obama thanks NASA for carrying his signature to Mars

US President Barack Obama is set to leave office in less than a week

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Dear Donald Trump, you are an illegitimate President-elect; you will be a less than legitimate President

Even after getting elected you haven’t stopped lengthening the already too long a screed of lies.

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Obama administration ends 20-year-old immigration policy for Cubans

Cuban officials said the US policy had promoted illegal migration, people-trafficking and dangerous journeys across the Florida Straits on flimsy vessels.

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‘Yes we did’: Obama bids farewell in nostalgic last speech

As the crowd of thousands chanted, “Four more years,” Obama simply smiled and said, “I can’t do that.”

Our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted: Barack Obama in final address, read full text

I first came to Chicago when I was in my early twenties, still trying to figure out who I was; still searching for a purpose to my life.