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Barack Obama’s tweet on Charlottesville is the most ‘liked’ tweet in history

Barack Obama’s tweet became the most liked ever, taking the top spot from pop sensation Ariana Grande’s tweet with 2.7 million likes, followed by popular American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscars selfie tweet with 2.4 million likes.

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After Charlottesville violence, Barack Obama shared this subtle message

Charlottesville violence: President Donald Trump has faced backlash for avoiding outright denunciation of the far right in Virginia clashes. He said “many sides” were involved in the Charlottesville incidents.

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India a major foreign policy priority for US: Richard Rahul Verma

“I do think India has been recognised as a major foreign policy priority (in the Trump Administration) and one that from the president on down, people are vested in, and that’svery encouraging,” Richard Rahul Verma, the former US Ambassador to India, said.

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This woman sent a wedding invitation to the Obamas, and got the sweetest reply ever

Liz Whitlow sent her wedding invitation to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama back in March. She recently got one of the sweetest response from the Obamas. Twitter user Brooke Allen of San Antonio, Texas, took to social media to share the response that her mother received.

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Obama’s health care law still needs some patchwork

“As I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode, then deal. Watch!” President Donald Trump tweeted early Friday, soon after the Senate narrowly rejected the latest push to dismantle the Obama-era health care law

Alaska mom snaps cellphone pics of Barack Obama carrying her baby

Jackinsky says when Giselle’s father approached, Obama joked “I’m taking your baby.” The encounter lasted about five minutes. But Jackinsky says she’ll always remember the moment.

GOP considering to keep some Obama tax increases to save Donald Trump’s health care bill

Democrats say the GOP bill is mostly a tax cut for the rich. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has said the Senate measure would raise out-of-pocket health care costs for many low earners while producing 22 million more uninsured people by 2026.

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Barack Obama enjoys tropical holiday in Indonesia with family

Obama moved to Indonesia in 1967 at age 6 after his divorced mother remarried an Indonesian man. She stayed on after the marriage broke up, working as an anthropologist and development aid worker, but Obama returned to Hawaii when he was 10 to live with his grandparents.

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Barack Obama kicks off tropical holiday in Indonesia

Obama will meet the Indonesian President Joko Widodo on June 30 and give a speech at an Indonesian diaspora convention the next day

Trump-Russia probe: Ex-Obama homeland security chief to face intelligence panel

Jeh Johnson, who worked for President Barack Obama, is slated to testify on Wednesday before the House intelligence committee

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The stark difference in Father’s Day messages from the Obamas and Trumps gets Twitterati buzzing

People noticed the way Michelle Obama and Melania Trump wished their husband on Father’s Day.

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Donald Trump expected to announce Cuba policy on Friday in Miami

The Trump administration has been discussing policy changes that include prohibiting business with the Cuban military while maintaining the full diplomatic relations restored by Obama. The White House has also been debating new restrictions on American leisure travel to Cuba.

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Michelle Obama reveals how she was scrutinised for every dress while Barack Obama wore the same tux for 8 years

While Michelle Obama was the First Lady, she made socio-political and cultural statements through her sartorial choices.

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Twitterati lose calm over photo of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau chilling with Obama; want Macron on board too

‘The only thing that could make this cooler is if @EmmanuelMacron walked out of kitchen carrying 3 beers!’

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It’s official: The Obamas are Washington homeowners

The couple paid $8.1 million to buy the mansion in Washington’s swank Kalorama neighborhood that they have been renting since January