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Suicide bomber kills 20 in market south of Baghdad

At least 34 other people were wounded in the attack in the centre of Musayyib, a town that lies about 60 kilometres south of the capital, a police officer and a medic at the local hospital said.

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At least 27 people killed in twin bombings in Baghdad

The Islamic State group issued a statement claiming the first attack

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Iraq: Twin attacks kill at least 22, wound at least 70 in Baghdad, say Police

The explosion, which targeted a commercial street, comes as Iraqi forces are trying to dislodge Islamic State militants from Falluja

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Iraq: Series of bomb blasts kills at least 20 in Baghdad

Shortly after the bombs hit, the extremist Islamic State claimed responsibility for two of the explosions.

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Iraq twin blasts: Death toll from Islamic State bombing of Baghdad market now at 73

In a statement circulated online, Islamic State said it was responsible for the blasts: “Our swords will not cease to cut off the heads of the rejectionist polytheists, wherever they are,” it said, using derogatory terms for Shi’ite Muslims.

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Iraq officials: Suicide bombing at Baghdad service kills 17

The official says the bomber detonated his explosives’ vest on Friday at the service in the southwestern Baghdad suburb of Hay al-Amal. At least 43 people were wounded.

Iraq: 2 suicide attacks in Baghdad kill at least 21 people

Both attacks were carried out by bombers on foot, wearing explosives-laden vests, two police officers said.

Iraqi fighter jet drops bomb over Baghdad, kills 12 people

The plane-one of several Sukhois used by Iraq in the fight against the Islamic State group-was returning to base when the accident happened.

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Iraq: IS reduces water supply to government areas in Anbar

Abdul-Ghani said there would be no immediate effect on Shiite areas in central and southern Iraq, saying water is being diverted to those areas from the Tigris River.

Bombings kill 11 people in Iraq’s capital, say officials

Medical officials confirmed the death tolls. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to journalists.

ISIS militants kill 25 Iraqi Yazidis in Syria

Tens of thousands of Yazidis fled in August when the Islamic State group captured the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar.

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Twin car bombings in Baghdad kill at least 11

Two policemen were among the dead and at least 26 people were wounded in the attack.

Ban-Ki-Moon reaches Iraq; 11 die in twin car bombing in Baghdad suburb

Hours after UN Secretary General arrived for talks with Iraqi officials, pair of car bombings in Baghdad killed 11.

Iraq: Suicide attack, bombing kill at least 22 in Baghdad

A police officer who provided the death toll said the attack also wounded 42 people.

Twin bombing at Baghdad market kills 8 people

Police and hospital officials said along with the eight killed, 20 people were wounded at the market.