Arvind Kejriwal

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Meeting with BJP ‘good,fruitful’: Hazare

Hazare held a meeting with BJP top brass on Friday to discuss his draft of the Lokpal Bill.

Team Anna reaches out to Karat,Ajit

Hazare is expected to meet Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on Thursday.

After Anna encounter,Sibal rules out civil society in law-making

Minister maintained Anna experience won’t set a precedent; imagines it would be ‘one-off’.

BJP to study Team Anna,own Bill drafts before taking stand

The opposition BJP will factor in the views of the Anna Hazare team and keep in mind provisions in the Lokpal Bills its government introduced in 1998 and 2001.

Team Anna knocks on Advani door for Lokpal support

The meeting was part of the Hazare team’s efforts to reach out to political parties.

Not planning parallel govt,UPA pulling hoax on India: Anna

Hazare said his fast-unto-death will continue even if the govt requests him to stop it.

Lokpal panel winds up in failure; Anna will fast from August 16

Govt,civil society members fail to reach consensus on key issues that keep them sharply divided.

Govt wants to control CBI to arm twist rivals: Team Anna

Activist Kejriwal fears CBI will be sent after Mulayam,Mayawati at will if it’s kept out of RTI.

Digvijay advises Anna against fasts,calls Ramdev a coward

Singh also took on Sushma Swaraj,saying only people with ‘BJP mentality’ can dance at a samadhi.

Kejriwal attacks Sibal,says can call politicians ‘liars,cheats’

The rights activist asked what was wrong in calling ministers ‘liars,cheats and conspirators’.

Team Anna defies Section 144 in Delhi,to go ahead with day fast

The day-long fast at Jantar Mantar tomorrow has been organised to protest police action on Ramdev.

Ramdev assures Team Anna no ‘communal element’ with him

There have been reports that the RSS has instructed its cadres to support Ramdev’s fast.

How Ramdev & Sri Sri got together,grew apart

Indeed,Muslim,Christian,Buddhist and Jain gurus,too,figure as founder-members on the IAC’s website but they remain more or less silent.

Ramdev differs with Anna: ‘PM can’t be under Lokpal ambit’

Amid govt efforts to placate yoga guru,Team Anna will also try to make him see its views on Bill.

PM can’t be under Lokpal’s purview: Govt tells Team Anna

5 civil society members of Bill drafting committee want sweeping powers,MP acts monitored.