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Microsoft unveils AI tools platform Azure Databricks for developers, pushes for IoT tech

Microsoft has announced the AI-powered platform “Azure Databricks”, that offers new data platform technologies and cross-platform developer tools.

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New AI system can break away from internet and cloud computing, provide privacy

Scientists are developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system that breaks free from the internet and cloud computing, and provides greater privacy to users.

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Artificial Intelligence cannot take away jobs: Survey

Contrary to global fears, few workers believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take away their jobs, a new survey claimed on Wednesday.

Qualcomm SenseTime investment, artificial intelligence, facial recognition technology, Qualcomm AI collaboration, AI startups, AI facial recognition, Chinese public surveillance, Broadcom Qualcomm bid, US President Donald Trump

Qualcomm invests in Chinese AI facial recognition startup SenseTime, to promote tech in smart devices

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) startup SenseTime Group said on Wednesday it has sealed an investment from chipmaker Qualcomm Inc as part of a funding round that will close later this year.

Artificial intelligence, human emotions, human speech, National Research University Higher School of Economics, neural networks, stored data, spectrogram, emotion detection accuracy

Artificial intelligence system can recognise emotions from human speech

Scientists have created a new artificial intelligence system that can identify a range of emotions – from happiness to disgust – in human speech.

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Flipkart Billion Capture+ made AI-capable by Smartron’s tronX IoT platform

Billion Capture+, the first smartphone from Flipkart, will house artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities courtesy Smartron, the domestic IoT brand.

Airtel Amdocs partnership, artificial intelligence, Airtel AI-based services, machine learning, startup ecosystem, smartbots, digital channels, Airtel Project Next, Airtel Project Leap, mobile service providers

Airtel partners Amdocs to introduce AI-based services to customers

Bharti Airtel on Thursday announced a strategic partnership with software solutions provider Amdocs to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based services to its customers in India.

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Stephen Hawking warns of limited days for humanity, AI dominance

Earth is becoming too small and humanity is bound to self-destruct, with AI replacing us as the dominant being on the planet, according to scientist Stephen Hawking.

Artificial Intelligence ‘boy’ Shibuya Mirai granted residency in central Tokyo

This makes Shibuya Mirai Japan’s first, and maybe the world’s first, artificial intelligence bot to be granted a place on a real-life local registry.

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Google, Amazon beating Apple in AI technology race: Report

Apple is falling behind in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) race with Google and Amazon racing ahead while embracing the open-source and collaborative approach in the emerging field of AI, Fortune reported.

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Sony brings back AIBO robot dog after 10 years as AI project

Japan’s Sony Corp said on Wednesday it has brought back AIBO more than a decade since it last made the robotic dog.

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Google looks to promote TensorFlow AI-building software, investment, presence in China

The internet giant is actively promoting TensorFlow, software that makes it easier to build AI systems, as a way to forge business ties in the world’s largest online market

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New AI system can automatically detect bowel cancer in under a second

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can automatically detect colorectal cancer in less than a second.

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New AI system cracks CAPTCHA anti-bot security software

Researchers have developed an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) system to crack CAPTCHA, the software that was created to prevent bots from accessing websites.

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Bing: Microsoft’s foundation to its AI services

Microsoft has spent decades investing in various forms of artificial intelligence research. Some see Bing as the overlooked foundation to those efforts.