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Panic buttons, AI and drones: police plan for women’s safety in Mumbai

Panic buttons, AI and drones: police plan for women’s safety in Mumbai

In the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder case in New Delhi on December 16, 2012, the Centre had announced the allocation of the Nirbhaya Fund to be used exclusively for projects addressing women safety.

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Niti, ABB join hands to benefit India from AI, robotics

Based on the interactions with ABB India, Niti Aayog will also make recommendations to government ministries for guidelines and policies regarding development and adoption of AI in various sectors.

The health-tech of tomorrow

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to address shortfalls in the healthcare industry.

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Google employees resign over Project Maven and AI for military: Here’s what has happened

Project Maven and Google: A dozen Google employees have reportedly resigned to protest the company’s involvement in this and here’s why.

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Google builds military ties for AI cloud business in Project Maven even as staff quit in protest

Google’s Project Maven has sparked outrage with employees who are resigning in protest.

Microsoft working on ‘trustworthy AI’ to curb fake news

Microsoft is infusing AI into a whole range of applications — Office 365, Azure Cloud, cognitive services and translation solutions, etc.

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Takeaways from Google I/O 2018: Learn to live with Artificial Intelligence

The 2018 edition of Google I/O, the search giant’s annual developer conference, shifted the limelight to the big new area of focus from the company: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

artificial intelligence technology to ensure hygenic food on trains

Cameras with Artificial Intelligence to monitor railway kitchens — here’s how it works

The Indian Railways has co-developed an Artificial Intelligence-enabled system to ensure meals are prepared in hygienic conditions.

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U.S. considers tightening grip on China ties to Corporate America

Top talent in areas including artificial intelligence and chip design also flows freely among companies and universities in both countries.

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Why we need to have regulation and legislation on AI and quick

Our laws will eventually need to be amended or new laws for artificial intelligence technologies and processes will need to be adopted to fill up existing lacunae.

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AI system can create road maps from aerial images: Study

Researchers have developed a new method based on artificial intelligence, that will draw out road maps more accurately from aerial surveys.

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This AI-driven microscope from Google could help detect cancer in future

Google showcased its prototype Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) platform with a new modified light microscope that can detect breast cancer metastases as well as prostate cancer.

New AI system can recognise faces in the dark

New AI system can recognise faces in the dark

The architecture used is explicitly designed for visible-based face recognition. This approach leverages advanced domain adaptation techniques based on deep neural networks.

Jobs of fresh law graduates at stake as AI makes inroads into legal firms

Jobs of fresh law graduates at stake as AI makes inroads into legal firms

AI understands the facts of the case on uploading a document and generates word suggestions to refine the search, lists laws mentioned in the document and provides visual aid of precedents, in addition to the case laws.

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Now, let artificial intelligence find that perfect match for you

Betterhalf.AI is looking to change the way traditional matchmaking sites offer matches in India by taking into account six relationship dimensions.