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Microsoft develops AI enabled ‘bot artist’, that converts text to images

Microsoft has created an artist bot, based on artificial intelligence. This bot will enable users to create images from an object’s textual description.

India’s public cloud market to rise to $4 billion by 2020: Reliance Jio’s Akash Ambani

Reliance Jio’s director Akash Ambani has said that the digital transformation could make India’s cloud economy worth $4 billion by the year 2020.

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Microsoft sees need for regulation, laws to check AI advances

In a book titled ‘The Future Computed’, Microsoft believes that technology companies should maintain responsibility and take care of workers, under guidelines to enable AI.

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Microsoft AI technology tops Stanford comprehension test; can interpret documents like humans

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence has shown the capability to interpret details as accurately as humans, and outscored Alibaba’s AI system in Stanford’s comprehension test.

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Alibaba’s AI outgunned humans in key Stanford reading test

A Stanford University test on reading and comprehension saw an Alibaba-created artificial intelligence system outscore a human.

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Facebook to shut down its virtual assistant ‘M’

Facebook will close its chatbot, M, on January 19, as the text-based virtual assistant increased operating costs of the social media platform.

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Artificial intelligence system can diagnose heart disease, cancer early

A new artificial intelligence system has been developed, that can detect heart ailments and cancer more accurately.

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LG to showcase AI-powered TVs at CES 2018

Seeking to enhance artificial intelligence, LG has said that their upcoming premium TVs will have DeepThinkQ as well as Google Assistant backing.

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Google Street View, machine learning offer peek into US voting pattern

New artificial intelligence and machine learning technology employed by Google’s Street View has been capable of understanding political leanings of Americans.

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Google develops human-like text-to-speech AI system, Tacotron 2

In a major step towards its ‘AI first’ dream, Google has developed a text-to-speech artificial intelligence (AI) system that will confuse you with its human-like articulation. The tech giant’s text-to-speech system called ‘Tacotron 2’ delivers an AI-generated computer speech that almost matches with the voice of humans, technology news website reported. At Google I/O […]

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In coming year of AI, your computer could start feeling your emotions

The pressure to change at a breathless pace has delivered a lot of half-baked technology and devices — many of which were eventually abandoned — into millions of hands across the world. Will 2018 be different?

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New system uses Twitter, AI to predict floods

Researchers set about trying to solve this problem by exploring how the latest AI technology can be used to mine social media and apps for the data that users provide.

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Microsoft’s take on Artificial intelligence: ‘Will be an enabler for humans to do more’

Microsoft India’s Sundar Srinivasan speaks about the “tectonic revolution AI is bringing to human lives” and how his company is helping democratise it.

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Tech Disruption: Data analytics, AI to have significant impact on real estate landscape

Impact on real estate Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives – from how we communicate, to how we buy things and the way we work.

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AI chatbot ‘Ruuh’ changing Indian handloom weavers’ lives: Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that artificial intelligence will help transform technology, just as the company’s chatbot ‘Ruuh’ is helping handloom weavers across the country.