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Jobs strides back onto Apple stage

Steve Jobs stepped back into the spotlight for the first time in nearly a year.

Palm unveils Pixi phone

Palm Inc announced a lower-priced smartphone in the same family as its popular Palm Pre,although the move may be overshadowed by rival product launches by Motorola and Apple.

DNA code that makes apple flesh red ‘deciphered’

Scientists have deciphered the DNA code which makes apple flesh red,a finding they claim can lead to healthier and more colourful fruit.

‘Google Voice app alters iPhone’

IPhone maker Apple Inc told US regulators it has not approved Google Inc’s Voice application,which could challenge the wireless industry’s giants,because it interferes with the iPhone “user experience.”

Apple looking into reports of exploding iPhones

Apple is investigating media reports that one or more of the company’s iPhones have exploded in Europe,a European Commission spokeswoman said Tuesday.

iPhone vulnerable to hacker attacks,allege researchers

Security experts have uncovered flaws in Apple Inc’s iPhone that they said hackers can exploit to take control of the popular device.

Apple smashes profit forecasts,iPhone shines

The company continued to defy the global recession with a solid 13 per cent jump in fiscal third-quarter net profit.

Music To Your Ears

Sony takes the fight to Apple with a Walkman not much larger than regular earplugs. SHAWAN SEN tells the story

As simple as saving on a Time Capsule

Backup is a word we don’t like,mainly because of the fears and pains attached to it.

Jobs back on job behind Apple’s veil

Apple is one of the world’s coolest companies. But there is one cool-company trend it has rejected: chatting…

iPhone 3G S: Just filling in the blanks

Assessing the 2007 and 2008 iPhone models was an excruciating experience. You were torn in half-between your heart and your head. Your emotions were swept away….

Steve Jobs may soon return to work: report

Apple’s iconic chief Steve Jobs underwent a liver transplant about two months ago and is expected to return to work later this month,says a media report.

View Tube

Some good news for Indian football fans. Airtel has recently signed a five-year agreement with Manchester United…

Apple warns of ‘small electrical shocks’ from iPod,iPhone

Technology giant Apple has warned of possible small and quick electrical shocks from the headphones while using iPods and iPhones.

Dry spell set to upset Himachal’s apple cart

With Himachal Pradesh’s apple belt witnessing one of the driest and warmest winters in recent years,the state’s fruit economy is fearing a major blow.