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Steve Jobs: 3 stories from his life

Excerpts from Jobs’ commencement address at Stanford University on June 12,2005.

Jobs agreed to biography as he wanted his children to know him

Jobs’ biography also says that he knew weeks ago that he was going to die soon.

Jobs was in ‘tight control of his choices’ till his final days

Jobs also started a new drug regime,telling some friends that there was reason for hope.

Weaved magic into our lives: Wipro’s Kurien

For India’s top software companies,themselves credited with transforming the country’s global standing and the lives of its youth,Apple’s Steve Jobs,the man who helped shape the technology revolution,will continue to inspire.

When Mumbai shut editing rooms and hired Mac operators

In the 1980s,movies in India,like everywhere else in the world,were edited in rooms smelling of acetic acid,with editors working on large machines.

Nokia India MD elevated to head 90 countries

Nokia said its India head D Shivakumar has been promoted to head business in 90 countries.

‘Comfy’ Google still a ‘dream workplace’

Self-employment came second,followed by the Virgin Group,Qantas,Apple and Microsoft.

I am Mac. And You Are…?

How Apple keeps users hooked and ready to spend more.

Apple’s supporting cast steps into limelight

As Steve Jobs leaves the stage at Apple,four of his top understudies are coming into the limelight.

Jobs steps down,Apple gets a new cook

IPad maker creates post of chairman for Steve Jobs; Tim Cook succeeds him as CEO.

Samsung targets emerging smartphone markets

Samsung Electronics unveiled on Wednesday four new smartphone models.

Google’s Motorola deal works best for Microsoft

Well,life should be much simpler now,with a direct fight for supremacy between Google and Apple.

The Big Bite

One look at the new OS X Lion from Apple and you realise that tablets are slowly changing the way we compute.

Apple reigns briefly as most valued company

At the end of regular trading,Apple shares had a market valuation of $346.74 billion.

Google cries foul on Apple,Microsoft mobile gang-up

Apart from increasing costs for consumers,snapping up the patents will stifle technological innovation,he said.