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European Union to ease tensions with Turkey over membership bid

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not push for Turkey’s decade-long membership bid to be cancelled, diplomats said, despite her hard stance during election campaign

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Angela Merkel agrees ‘refugee cap’ in concession to allies

After 10 hours of closed-door talks, Merkel’s CDU and the CSU agreed they would aim to cap refugees coming to Europe’s top economy at 200,000 a year, according to a draft paper — a formulation close to a long-time Seehofer demand that Merkel had repeatedly rejected

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Donald Trump, Angela Merkel discuss Iran’s ‘malign’ activities

Donald Trump and Angela Merkel frequently talk to each other on a wide range of bilateral and global issues.

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Donald Trump congratulates Angela Merkel on winning a fourth term

The White House says Trump and Merkel also discussed Iran’s activities in the Middle East, its missile program and the nuclear deal that Trump has criticized as one of the worst the US has ever negotiated.

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Facebook says deleted many fake accounts in German campaign

Facebook said on Wednesday its efforts to fight fake news during Germany’s national elections included taking down tens of thousands of fake profiles in the final month of the campaign.

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Far Right enters Germany Parliament in worst election showing by Angela Merkel’s CDU, SPD since 1949

Xenophobic nationalism has made a grand entry into the German national legislature in what has been one of the most monumental elections in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Conservative Angela Merkel won her fourth term as Germany’s Chancellor but her victory came as a bitter-sweet one due to a tectonic shift in Deutsche politik.

Germany elections: Chastened Angela Merkel braces for coalition tussle after vote

Damaged by her handling of the 2015 migrant crisis, Merkel’s conservative bloc won 32.9 percent of the vote, down 8.6 points from the 2013 election and hitting its lowest level since 1949.

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Angela Merkel wins fourth term as far-right enters German parliament: Exit polls

Support for their closest rivals, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) which are currently junior partners in a so-called “grand coalition” with Merkel, slumped to 20.0 percent – a new post-war low.

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Angela Merkel bids for fourth term as Germans head to the polls

Merkel campaigned on her record as chancellor for 12 years, emphasising the country’s record-low unemployment, strong economic growth, balanced budget and growing international importance

The Autumn of the German Queen

With the new French president Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel has a partner who is eager to give new answers to the questions that have frustrated many voters: rising inequality and shrinking incomes.

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Angela Merkel wants campaign to reach undecided voters in last push

Merkel is seeking a fourth term as chancellor in Sunday’s election. The latest polls show her conservative bloc finishing on top with 34 to 37 percent support, followed by the Social Democrats with 21 to 22 percent

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German election 2017: How Angela Merkel has kept calm and carried on without losing appeal

20-year-old Germans can no longer remember life before Merkel. She has been Germany’s leading political figure for 12 years, and may be about to rack up another four. Yet Germany has quite a tradition of long chancellorships.

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German election campaign largely unaffected by fake news or bots

The sharing of false or misleading headlines and mass posting by automated social media “bots” have had little influence in Germany’s quiet campaign, government officials and political experts say.

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When is the German election 2017?

The two main contenders of the election are two centrists from the dominant center-right and center-left parties: conservative incumbent Angela Merkel and social democrat Martin Schulz.

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How does the German general election work?

When Germans head to the polls on September 24, they’ll receive a deceptively simple ballot with two choices — one for a district representative and one for a party.