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Jotting it Down

Google Keep brings simplicity to a complex note-taking apps market.

Android,Blackberry 10 NextGen music application: Plug in

Hungama’s new music app offers features that make digital music experience more engaging.

Konka Expose 960 & 970 smartphone: Expose deciphered

Recently,the Chinese manufacturer of electronics and telecommunication products Konka launched two new Android-powered smartphones—Expose 960 and Expose 970—in India.

Worth Many Shots

Sony packs a DSLR-grade performance in the NEX-6.

Facebook to hold Android event on Thursday

There has been speculation about a “Facebook phone” for a few years.

Tech contests dominate PEC fest Day 2

The day began with the general technical quiz,Omniquest.

Samsung Galaxy S4 blitz may prompt Apple rethink

Galaxy S4,unwrapped with much fanfare in New York,out-does the iPhone in most technical aspects.

Google appoints Indian-American as Android CEO

Mobile update: Andy Rubin,the architect of Android,decides to step down

Apple’s Phil Schiller blasts Android,Samsung on Galaxy S4 launch

Thursday’s launch is deemed critical to propelling the Korean firm deeper into Apple’s US home turf.

Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin steps down

Google’s browser and applications chief Sundar Pichai will replace Andy Rubin

Freezing Android phones can reveal confidential content

Freezing mobile phones allowed researchers to get at contact lists,browsing histories and photos.

Smart watches gain interest and popularity

The USD 150,postage stamp-sized computer on a band is tethered wirelessly to a wearer’s Android or iPhone.

Now real-time traffic on Google Maps

Foxed by traffic jams? A new traffic update feature on Google Maps may offer some respite.

Photo Apps meet Facebook

Two popular applications launch their latest updates


Ditch the old pen and paper for these artsy apps that turn your tablet into a design tool