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White House hails Apple’s $1 billion investment

Apple’s $1 billion investment in US manufacturing has been termed as a sign of optimism by US Press secretary Sean Spicer.

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Can the American press take on Donald Trump, the most powerful man on earth?

Donald Trump is waging a war with the American press. He’s confrontational, provocative, subversive and downright unapologetic. But on Wednesday, the US Press Corps. responded with a scathing letter, refusing to bend, break or bow.

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America diary: Foreigners’ hotels

Narendra Modi will be staying at the iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel during his visit to New York.

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Japan investigates death threats to US Ambassador Kennedy

Police is investigating phone calls threatening to kill US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and another American envoy.

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Indian American therapist found guilty of medicare fraud

30-year-old Indian-American physical therapist convicted in a USD 1.6 million Medicare fraud scheme.

3 Muslim students shot dead in US

The accused had posted frequent messages critical of various religions on Facebook.

Three injured in shooting at Pennsylvania Mall, police search for suspect

Police were looking at the mall’s surveillance video as part of their investigation.

Love of yoga fuels a $27 bn industry across America

The ancient Indian art of keeping fit is going places fueling a $27 billion industry in America.

US urged not to punish objecting Guantanamo nurse

American Nurses Association has urged America not to punish the objecting Guantanamo nurse.

What the world is reading

See what the world is reading.

Iran has ‘role’ in fighting IS militants: John Kerry

Kerry that combating the jihadist threat “there is a role for nearly every country to play, including Iran.”

TouchTone wireless speaker review: Good music on the go

The speaker also has good audio quality though a bit partial to bass.

‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ goes to America

Anurag Kahsyap’s two-part mafia drama ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ is now set for a release in North America and Los Angeles.

India’s rising middle class competing with America: Barack Obama

I believe that a world of greater freedom and tolerance is not only a moral imperative but it also helps keep us safe, said Obama.

Ex-al-Qaida spokesman recounts 9/11 aftermath

Abu Ghaith was the final witness in his trial on charges he conspired to kill Americans and aid al-Qaida as a spokesman for the terrorist group.