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Numerology predictions 2015: What the year of Saturn has in store for you

Saturn teaches us that life is not always a bed of roses; it puts certain hurdles in our path so that we learn patience and become strong and determined to reach our goals.

Fashion predictions 2015: Designers choose skirts, crop tops, florals, denims

While some trends will surely be replaced, others will continue from the past year, say designers.

Welcome 2015: An angry autowallah, a kind reaction and a thoughtful resolution

I personally have never taken this whole concept of ‘New Year resolution’ very seriously, but this year I do have a resolution.

608 prosecuted for drunken driving on New Year eve

While there were 3 deaths reported in 2014. Only 1 person died on New Year Eve of 2015, said Anil Shukla.

Stay healthy in 2015 with proper diet, right exercise

Looking to shape up in the New Year? Check your diet, pick exercises wisely and more.

Beach parties, fireworks: World rings in New Year 2015

Across the globe, revelers looking for a respite from the gloom will converge to welcome 2015.

New Year resolutions may be more procrastination than motivation

People seeking to get or stay fit in 2015 might do better to start today rather than rely on a New Year’s resolution to shape up tomorrow.

Women security on mind, no ‘lights out’ at city hotels this New Year’s eve

The Pune police has issued a list of precautions for the venue owners.

At current rate,India ‘will achieve’ poverty reduction target by ’15

If the current pace of poverty reduction in India continues,the number of poor in the country in 2015

Sebastian Vettel to stay with Red Bull until end of 2015

Vettel has extended his contract with Red Bull until the end of 2015.

Britain ‘to get one million more migrants by 2015’

Britain’s migrant population would soar from 62.2 million to 64.3 million between now and 2015 because of the Labour government’s ‘open door’ policy on immigration.