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#GenderAnd: It’s been a month of micro-revolutions in the way we tell our stories

We will be back with more around these and other intersections with gender soon. It is necessarily an incremental process, and this is where we look to you for suggestions and guidance.  

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#GenderAnd Culture: Taking charge of mainstream theatre

How are women faring at taking more decision making roles in Indian theatre?

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From road rage to sports rage and more — masculinities in modern India

GenderAnd Education | A huge sense of male entitlement is built in South Asia due to unequal distribution of power and women’s position in family, community and larger structures of state and market

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Retirement, love, ambition, refuge: What a night shelter in Delhi provides women

GenderAnd Development: There is more to the lives of homeless women than the pitiful middle class gaze

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Why did a young woman join a RSS women’s wing camp?

GenderAnd The Nation: What right wing nationalism teaches young girls about love marriage, western dresses and Hindu culture.

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Why the gender paygap in corporate India could take 149 years to fill

GenderAnd Business: Even when adequate measures are taken, the gap will not fill before 2166. Gender sensitivity at workplace goes beyond stopping sexual harassment. It means also including measures to provide equal opportunity and wage to all genders.

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PM Modi should do more than just giving token slogans like ‘Beti Khilao’

#GenderAnd Culture | India will soon bear the cost for ignoring its women players. Beti Khilao became an obvious and logical addition to the slogan ostensibly aiming at improving the persisting gender discrimination in all spheres of life.

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‘Govt must provide alternatives, not treat visually impaired like bechaari women’

#GenderAnd Education | The GST announced by the government recently, that is set to be launched on July 1, imposes five to 18 per cent taxes on a range of aids and appliances used by persons with disabilities including Braille Paper and typewriters.

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Discrimination, courage, resilience – What being a young Dalit woman in India means today

GenderAnd Development: Mainstream feminists have not foregrounded the very real issues of Dalit women in the setting of feminist agendas

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‘Either we are a sex-worker or a goddess… Transpeople can’t have regular professions’

#GenderAnd The Nation | Despite recognition as ‘third gender’ the trans community is still denied basic rights like property, marriage and adoption

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#GenderAnd: Caste, Class, Higher Education, Madhubani art and more

As you explore our coverage, we urge you to look out for the rest of the stories in the series.

Madhubani art: Why painting is integral to women’s existence

#GenderAnd Culture: Rani Jha, a Madubhani art teacher, on how Madhubani art has been an ancient medium for women to explore freedom

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Why is the government threatened by women’s studies centres in Indian universities?

#GenderAnd Education: We need women’s studies to not just survive but to thrive in our universities, because, despite its problems, it reminds us that gender is not something we are but something we do

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Why are beauticians in Delhi choosing not to service clients in posh salons?

#GenderAnd development: Corporatisation of beauty industry is blocking interactions across different socio-economic classes.

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Manual scavenging in Meerut: Why are women made to carry excreta on their head for two stale rotis a day?

#GenderAnd The Nation: Out of all those engaged in manually removing human excreta, 95 per cent are women. While men are paid in cash, women are mostly paid in kind.

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