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Here are the consequences of linking women’s medical records to their Aadhaar

#GenderAnd: Aadhaar has been pitted to solve another problem, that of gender-biased sex selection…but the suggestion is flawed

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Gender mainstreaming in politics: Where has gender-based reservation got us?

#GenderAnd: The journey of many women elected representatives shows the environment has not necessarily become enabling and favourable for women to gain experience and emerge as policy makers.

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Lean on Me: The radio show which has been a friend to many Indian women

#GenderAnd: Sakhi Saheli, a synonym for girlfriend, is a popular show on All India Radio’s Vividh Bharti, running for nearly 15 years now.

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Sarojini Naidu: I am only a woman, only a poet

#GenderAnd: The Nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu was a poet, a politician and an activist. She was the first Indian woman to be President of the Indian National Congress.

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National Family Health Survey underscores need for serious discussion on marital rape

National Family Health Survey underscores need for serious discussion on marital rape

#GenderAnd: 31 per cent of married women have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence at the hands of their spouse, with physical abuse being the most common

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Indian science and gender bias, nothing scientific here

#GenderAnd: As in most sectors in our unequal society, science too has an asymmetric representation of gender. There are very few women in faculty positions. Transgenders and intersex are unheard of.

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Binodini’s Women: The three strong characters of My Son, My Precious.

#GenderAnd: The Princess of Arts and the key renaissance figure of Manipuri modernism. Her exposure to literature broadened at Tagore’s Santiniketan where she became the celebrated muse to sculptor and painter Ramkinker Baij, and found her reaching beyond strictures of ideology to a universalist, humanist art.

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Chup raho, kam bolo, dheere bolo

#GenderAnd: “The key habits that may dominate women’s everyday lives, despite their education, success, financial status and family background. These behaviours may seem harmless, but each one has enormous impact, and it means only one thing – that Indian women are trained to habitually delete themselves”

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Missing women in urban spaces: From ‘women only’ to ‘women focused’ solutions

Missing women in urban spaces: From ‘women only’ to ‘women focused’ solutions

#GenderAnd: Low numbers of women commuting in public spaces reeks of deep constraints to women’s mobility — be it concerns of safety, or attitudes that say women need not work or step outside their homes unless necessary.

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The workplace is still a venue for discrimination, shows report 

#GenderAnd: About half the top 99 BSE listed companies consider women, religious minorities, people from Scheduled Castes and those with disabilities as vulnerable groups.

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Corporate India is getting better but far from being truly inclusive

#GenderAnd: Findings of the India Responsible Business Index to see whether companies care about marginalised groups, SC/STs, women, physically disabled.

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15 women who stood for a Republic that would bear the imprint of both men and women

#GenderAnd: Between them, the 15 women in the Constituent Assembly had seen child marriages, indignities because of caste and religion, violence, widowhood, loss of property and intermittent education.

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Beyond words and posthumous tributes, the battle to get a widows pension

#GenderAnd: Do state governments fulfill their promise of ex gratia compensation to families of deceased soldiers?

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Annie Mascarene: Freedom fighter, nation builder, guardian of democracy and Kerala’s first MP

#GenderAnd: Annie Mascarene’s experiences in the politics of her state, and her fight to push Travancore to become a part of Independent India helped shape her views.

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2.6 million dry toilets and 13,384 manual scavengers. Do the math

#GenderAnd: The law against manual scavenging can be successfully implemented if the State accepts that the practise of manual scavenging exists.

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